Welcome to Solheim!

Hello there! This is going to be a log of sorts for the sandbox campaign I’m going to begin running soon. This game uses the Pathfinder/3.5 rules, with a fair amount of house rules which I’ll try to call out as they become relevant.

The players will begin on a barge approaching Sundershore Island where they will begin. I have a number of guidelines set out, but this is a sandbox, and players almost never do what a DM expects. As such my games are prepared very vaguely with bare bones ideas of what could happen. The setting and most “story” elements of this campaign are of my own design with an original campaign setting. This being said it’s possible I may drop in moduals if I see the opportunity. My first (and still running primary campaign) began in the Keep on the Borderlands modual as an example.

Links to the various pages about the campaign can be found under the About tab in the Directory.

Happy Adventuring!