Welcome to Somnium Oceani

Somnium Oceani was a Summer Covenant that was just peaking into its power, on the coast of Corsica. The covenant itself is built high on the coastal cliffs, built up around a sturdy light-house. The fortifications are old, and until recently were in good repair. The covenant has a small fishing village under its care, and a small plot of arable land, that see to its needs. Unfortunately, just recently, disasters took the lives of many magi from the covenant, and damaged it as well. Dominus of Tytalus was slain during an adventure at sea over a year past. Fabricos, Rekki and Marcos were slain when a demon assaulted the covenant three seasons ago; Testudinis was cast into Wizard’s Twilight as a result of destroying the demon. Testudinis reappeared several years later, and led the coven of young mages for many years. Some time around 1225, Testudinis had an unfortunate encounter with his brother, and Kadjia pushed him into what is likely his final twilight as a means of preventing him from dying. Though the local population often runs afoul of seaborne raiders and the political contention between Pisa and Genoa, the area directly around the covenant has for the most part been left to its own devices. This relative peace has let a rather successful port city spring up nearby, and sometimes trouble can tumble into the covenant’s lap from this.

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