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Hello all,

This is my introductory letter as a DM to all of you now marked as fodder. Since our recent campaign has finished for now, I am going to take the reigns of this wonderful world. There are no magic carpet rides and allusions to sex here, just D&D. So mostly roleplay sex and rogues on magic carpets. Or brooms, please god more cursed brooms in your near future!

Okay, pleasantries aside I expect, no, DEMAND everyone have fun while we are playing! I was considering taking a more conservative view of the rules in this campaign but have since decided that rules were meant to be broken and I will be very liberal. Your imagination will usually beat out logic, sanity, or rules as written. I want to see some interesting responses to what I throw at you. I know you all are very capable of it having played with or under you for over a year now. The party right now is at 4 but if anyone expresses interest in joining at any point I will ask you first before I even consider it.

Something that I think most of you know is my intentions to have magic items be few and far between, rare and best of all MAGICAL AND EPIC. Every magic sword you own every shield and armor will have a name and a history. I will also be throwing out home-brewed items that will be replacing the normal acquisition of magic things. Most importantly you won’t look in your bags and have 30,000 +1 Keen Rapiers! Enhancement bonuses will be the exception to this rule unless the sword or armor is something very special. Limiting you to no +1 swords would be a move to weaken your power, I don’t want it to affect you like that. I want it that when you receive an item you remember it and you cherish it and not to throw it at the vendor the first second you can.

Furthermore, everyone will be receiving skill points to be used on psionic focused skills. This campaign will be HEAVY in psionics as I am sure you know by now, and without a single skill point in psicraft, knowledge psionics, etc you are fucked. Royally. If you already have points in said skills I will give you free points that you can use. These points won’t be many, and they won’t be every level but they are free, enjoy.

My DMing style is very different from Bill as I don’t do voices and I have no beard. Expect something different. If you don’t feel it is, then hopefully that is a good thing and I made you feel right at home. I will be giving experience how the book warrants it and loot will be your choice in the end. If you want to rob a bank, go ahead, more loot for you. But your reputation will be fucked.

Any questions you have about how things will be run and proceeded ask them.