Each paragraph begins with the spell name followed by the spell circle in parenthesis (1–5), also known as the spell level.

Airstrike (5) gives you and anybody else within 10ft the ability to run through the air for 20min as if running on an invisible path created just for you.

Amnesia (1) allows you to look somebody in the eyes and lets them forget what just happened, up to ten minutes. At 5th level, victims can forget up to a day. This includes all the spells they memorised. Creatures immune to charm or sleep spells are also immune to amnesia; anybody else must save vs. spells if they want to look away in time.

Animate Rock (3) animates a large boulders up to the size of an elephant (HD 9 AC 4 3d6 F9 MV 12). The rocks are pulled from their slow time into the present and it confuses them. They can be controlled for 1h if control slips, they are free to do what they want. Usually they run off into nearby hills and mountains before eventually slowing down again.

Animate dead (3) animates the dead and turns them into zombies. You can control up to two times your level in a given round but you are free to animate more. Better keep them in a vault if you do, however. Freed, they’ll roam the earth and spread like a plague because anybody slain by a zombie rises as a zombie within 24h. HD 2 AC 8 1d8 F1 MV 12 ML 12.

Animate tree (2) animates a tree within 30ft of you (HD 8 AC 2 2d6/2d6 F8 MV 6). The tree speaks the language of plants which the caster doesn’t automatically understand but the tree tends to attack fire bearers, axe wielders, and any buildings in the vicinity. Sometimes that is enough.

Artifical life (3) animates matter and imbues it with life. A handful of gems are required to bind the magical energies. The value of these gems makes no difference. The HD of such a golem is limited by the matter used and it is limited to its creator’s level minus one. Such a creature needs no rest, no food, no water and no friends. It does not sicken nor does it ever die unless destroyed by violence. Golems do not speak and are a bit dim. They don’t use interesting tactics, they can’t cast spells and they don’t use ranged weapons, but they defend their creator at all costs, taking any blows aimed at them, if possible. Sadly, while most are loyal servants they still take a retainer slot. If their creator has more retainers than allowed by their charisma, the golems may malfunction and gain independence.

Aura of fear (1) affects one victim within 30ft; they must save vs. spells or flee for as many rounds as you have levels.

Awaken stone (4) turns a boulder into a stone giant (HD 9 AC 1 3d6 F8 MV 6; surprise foes 1–3/6). The giant speaks your language and is as helpful as it can in the immediate situation. As soon as politely possible it wanders off to finally see the world after all these years.

Awaken tree (3) turns a tree into a treant (HD 8 AC 8 2d6/2d6 F8 MV 6; surprise foes 1–3/6). The treant speaks your language and is as helpful as it can in the immediate situation. As soon as politely possible it wanders off, wanting to finally see the world after all these years.

Ball of fire (1) creates a big ball of rolling fire in front of you and sends it rolling towards a target within 60ft. Upon impact it explodes and deals 3d6 damage, save vs. spells for half. The ball must travel on solid ground and cannot cross water.

Bear shape (2) turns you into a bear with big hairy arms, long claws and a terrible jaw with big teeth. Deal damage like a bear: 1d6/1d6/2d6. If both claws hit, a bear hug deals an extra 2d8 damage. Your attack, armour class and hit points do not change. Your strength bonus remains as is, including bear strength, if any. Clothes and armour worn automatically warps and bends with you and still fits perfectly. The spell lasts for 20min.

Bear strength (1) grants a target strength 13 (+1) for 1h. At 5th level, this increases to strength 15 (+2). At 9th level, this increases to 17 (+3). If the target is already that strong, nothing is gained.

Beauty (2) turns you into a beautiful and alluring young woman for a day and a night, an eye catcher, one that makes others stumble and gawk. Your smell is intoxicating, your voice is bliss, your hair so beautiful people cry tears of joy when they see it. Anybody attracted to your sex must save vs. spells whenever they want to act against your wishes. If they make the save, they may move as they wish and say what they want, for an hour.

Bedazzlement (2) creates a 30ft radius aura around you. Nobody in range may harm or resist you unless they save vs. spells, or if you harm them.

Binding touch (4) charges your palms with contact power so that anybody you touch this round is bound to your hands the next round. Any damage you deal the next round applies to all the victims your touched this round. When running into a dense army formation, you will surely be able to touch two dozen people in a round.

Bird Friendship (1) allows you to talk with all birds for a day.

Blade storm (4) summons a magic blade for every level (minimum 7) from your palms and shoot it at a target up to 60ft away. Each blade deals 1d10 damage. You must roll to hit for every blade. No save. The blades rust away in a few days.

Blight (3) allows you to pick up to one target per level (minimum 5) within 60ft. Targets must save vs. death or start burning up from the inside as black fire consumes them: as long as you focus on it they take 5d6/rd until they are dead or leave the spell range.

Bolt of power (1) shoots one unerring bolt of liquid sunlight dealing 1d6+1 to a target within 180ft. This increases to three missiles at level 5 and to five missiles at level 10. You may aim these missiles at different targets.

Bone binding (5) is an ancient ritual by which you can boil away your flesh, and bind your own bones, turning yourself immortal. The spell slot for this spell is permanently bound to your bones and no longer available. You can no longer be healed but if your pieces are reassembled, you are restored within a week. You can never be killed, your bones cannot be broken, nor can they be burned, but they can be ripped apart and buried in far away places to break your power. Your soul, your senses, your power of speech, and your ability to cast spells remains bound to your skull for all eternity. And you know where your remaining bones are.

Bone casting (2) enables the caster to throw bones covered in runes and read the fate of another person looking at the same runes. This reveals whatever awaits the other person within the time frame you are interested in: is there a trap behind this door, does an ambush await us on this pass, without revealing how this fate can be avoided.

Boneless (1) allows you to bend your body into impossible shapes for 20min. You can move as if you didn’t have any solid bones in your body such that you can squeeze through holes the size of a ring if you’re not wearing a thing. Sadly, the things you wear remain as solid as ever.

Breath of cold (3) creates a cone of cold up to 60ft long dealing 1d6 per caster level, save vs. spells for half. It also extinguishes all fires and freezes all water surfaces.

Breathing (3) allows one target to breathe poisonous air for one day without suffering any adverse effects.

Bury the living (4) allows you to have the ground swallow a living being standing on it. They must save vs. death or they are buried alive in a depth unknown. There they remain in a magic stasis until the end of the world unless they are called forth by a reversal of this spell. Since they are not really dead, their soul remains imprisoned in their body and they cannot be raised from the dead unless they brought back to the surface. It is possible to cast the reversed spell without a specific target in mind, in which case a random victim of the past millennias is freed: a powerful and thankful non-player character of level 6+1d4 with all their equipment on them.

Call of the wolf (4) summons 2d6 intelligent shadow wolves from the void between the realms. These stay for 10min: HD 2+1 AC 7 1d6 F1 MV 18; surprise foes on 1-5 in 6; only harmed by magic or magic weapons.

Calm (1) prevents 2d8 creatures you can see from attacking anybody for the next twenty minutes unless they are defending themselves. Even when attacked, the hold of the spell is not broken. As soon as the attackers put their weapons away, victims of this spell stop fighting at the end of the round. Victims are only granted a saving throw vs. spells if they are the same level as you or higher.

Camouflage (1) allows you to change colours for 1h. Anything you carry changes colour with you. As long as you’re not moving, there’s a 1–5 in 6 chance that people cannot spot you. People that have spotted you cannot be fooled again.

Cancellation (3) is a sign you flash with your fingers and a powerful hum that ends all spells and suppresses all magic for a round.

Chariot of fire (2) sets your chariot on fire such that anywhere you ride flammable objects start burning and anybody standing too close takes 1d6 fire damage, no save.

Charm male (1) affects a single male person¹ for a day, save vs. spells to resist. While charmed, victims treat you as their true love. To leave you is to die. To resist you in anything is impossible. If the charm is renewed daily, the target is unwilling to resist and thus remains forever enthralled as long as the spell is renewed. Once a victim break free, they remember everything they did and if they did anything they would not have ordinarily have done, they react with shame and anger. Charms usually cause severe emotional distress!

Charm person (1) affects a single target, save vs. spells to resist. To break free, victims save again every day if their intelligence is 13 or better, every week if their intelligence is average, or every month if their intelligence is 8 or lower. While charmed, victims treat you as their best friend. Once victims break free, they remember everything they did and if they did anything they would not have ordinarily done, they react with shame and anger. Charms usually cause severe emotional distress!

Clone (5) creates a perfect clone of yourself. The clone is in perfect cryostasis surrounded by white fog and bathed in blue light. Should you die or will yourself to rebirth, your clone awakens and you die. There can be only one! Any extra clones remain in stasis. Your later memories only transfer very vaguely to the clone.

Cloudkill (5) calls forth a deathly cloud of yellow-green gas that spreads slowly for 1h with 20ft/rd, creeping along the ground, seeping into openings, killing any creature with less than 4 HD; creatures with more HD must make a save vs. poison or die. Even if they make the save, they take 1 damage/rd. Thus, remaining inside the cloud kills almost anybody. As it spreads for over a mile in all directions, it creates a true dead zone. Creatures immune to poison are not affected.

Club of law (2) turns your own weapon into a searing weapon of light dealing an extra 1d6 damage. If your weapon is not magical, it now counts as a magical +0 weapon. The spells lasts for 20min.

Commune (4) gives you the voice of an angel with which to call on any divine powers, no matter how desperate your situation. Divine help might include your evacuation to the realm of the power you called upon, the arrival of a divine agent like a valkyrie.

Converse with corpse (2) allows you to contact the spirit of the dead and talk to them for half an hour if you are in possession of their skull. The more years have passed since their passing, the harder it is to understand them.

Creation (5) is like making a wish: use it to create or destroy inanimate matter as big as a ship. This takes 10min to cast. The creation is powered by elemental air. Using it to generate a ship of gold will work but it attracts other elemental creatures trying to right the imbalance: Jinn, Afarit, Ghouls or Marid, for example.

Curse (4) affects a visible target within hearing distance, or anybody who’s hair you have in your fingers, unless they save vs. spells. Curses include love (intelligence 3), weakness (strength 3), trembling (dexterity 3), sickness (constitution 3), coughing up worms (charisma 3), shape changing (turn into an animal during either day or night), bad luck (-4 to all saves) and the like. When pronouncing the curse, you must mention a way for somebody to break the curse (“until kissed by a prince” or “until invited into a house”, for example). The curse can be broken by a reversal of this spell.

Curse of drowning (3) allows you to pick a living and breathing creature and curse them to near drowning for an hour. They lungs fill with water, they cant speak, they can’t cast spells, and they must save vs. death every time they attempt strenuous activity (such as attacking). If they fail, all they can do is gag up the water. If they fail twice in a row (easily avoided by simple not doing anything everytime you fail), you faint for 1d6 rounds.

Curse the land (5) enchants an entire region and places a curse on it, for example eternal slumber or permanent winter. The pronouncement of the curse must be followed by a feasible way to undo it and this possibility must be known to at least one witness. There is no other way to end this curse. As long as somebody else remembers the curse and the way to undo it, the curse is upheld. When the last person who knows how to break the curse dies, the curse is lifted. If the curse affects people directly, such as the eternal slumber curse, they must save vs. spells to be able to leave the cursed region.

Darkness (1) with a radius of 60ft and a duration of 2h; anybody within it is blind (-4 to hit). Victims get a save vs. spells.

Death ray (4) is a ray of green energy that kills its victim instantly unless they save vs. death. Range 120ft.

Decay (4) is a curse that affects anything built by mortals: walls, buildings, ships, heirlooms. It doesn’t matter. With a touch, you can speed up its decay by many magnitudes. Within minutes, it is visibly old and frail, after an hour or two parts are failing and within a day the structure collapses.

Detachment (2) allows you to detach pieces of your body, and reattach them, as long as they haven’t been separated from your body for more than 20min. This includes hands, eyes, and ears. You can still control detached pieces and you still see and hear and feel what they do. If you fail to reattach detached pieces, they wither and die and don’t not regenerate.

Detect magic (1) makes all magic items within 30ft give of a faint blue glow for 10min. Anybody can see this glow.

Dispel magic (3) will dispel ongoing spells and suppress magic items for 1d4 rounds.

Doll (4) allows you to create a doll of another person, if and only if you have a bit of their hair. This doll is linked to the owner of the hair. If you lift the doll and hold it close to your face, they can see your face, hear your voice, smell your breath, feel your touch. And you can hear them whisper with a very thin voice, too. And if you stab the doll with hot needles, if you set it on fire, then the other person suffers the most grievous pain and takes 1d6 damage per round until their organs rupture, their blood boils and their skin catches fire. It is a heinous way to go. And while they are dying, they – and anybody close to them – can see your face, hear your voice. They know who did it.

Door (2) creates an unlocked door¹ in a wall you touch. The wall may not be thicker than a foot: you can enter many buildings but not pass through castle walls. The door is big enough for you to pass through comfortably and no bigger. The door remains until closed.

Dragon tongue (4) grants you the ability to speak using the power of the first born. Any living creature thus addressed and able to hear must save vs. spells or obey your next ten commands for a minute. This includes suicidal actions. This mind fork causes severe emotional distress!

Dreamtime (4) gives you and your pack (up to twenty people) access to the distant past, or maybe a past that never was, a time when humanity and wolves learned to hunt together, like sisters and brothers, one pack, one family. A place outside of time. This is where the big hounds hunt, this is were the immortals tread - the ones that simply never went back. They decided to remain here, where the glaciers are thick and strong and the tundra stretches forever. You can spend as many days and months and years here as you want. You age appropriately but still return to the present, if you return. By moving around in the Dreamtime, you also move your point of return.

Drowning (4) fills a targets lungs within 60ft with water and kills them unless they save vs. spells. This spell has no effect on creatures that don’t breathe air.

Eagle Eyes (1) allows you to see through the eyes of any bird you can see, for 20min. Simply look up at the sky, focus onto a bird and see what it sees.

Earth Blood mastery (5) enables you to find one of those rare spots where the Veins of the Earth meet and master their energy. From this spot, you can control the powers of creation. Within 120ft from this spot, you can create or destroy inanimate matter as you wish. This takes 10min.

Earth blow (4) summons giant piercing steel needles from the Deep Earth, up to 60ft long, able to crush walls, split mountain sides, cause landslides and avalanches. This is the hatred of Earth made manifest.

Earth ship (4) summons forth ship of stone that can glide through the earth while the sun is up. Only you can make it move. Without you, or without sunlight, it stops, resulting in a strange stone building. Similarly, all the trail of destruction it leaves as it plows through the land are permanent: buildings are destroyed, trees are smashed, canals are dug.

Empathy (1) allows you to know how one other person feels as soon as they look into your eyes. This lasts for 20min. They feel as if you were gazing into their soul, which in a way you are.

Energy (2) invigorates the beaten and the wounded. Lay your hands on a victim and restore 2d6+1 hit points.

Entrapment (2) creates a 10ft diameter trapped zone which wakes and alerts anybody nearby with a loud whistle if anybody steps into it. Victims must save vs. spells in order to move out of the zone. Flying over the entrapment avoids the trap. The entrapment lasts for 24h but the caster may end the spell at any time.

Eternal Starlight (2) can be cast on anything within 60ft; if you target anything with eyes, it must save vs. spells or be blinded (-4 to hit, no targeting of spells).

Exhaustion (3) turn a whisper of yours into an enormous burden for anybody intelligent that hears you speak. Without needing to understand a word, people within 60ft drop to their knees, close their eyes, drop their weapons, pray for deliverance or start crying. Every round, victims must save vs. spells in order to recover their wits. While in this state of utter exhaustion, victims defend themselves but don’t attack. If you are note brazen about it, you may pass amidst the victims without alerting them to your presence. Your allies had better cover their ears as you start whispering these words of despair.

Extra arms (2) grows up to four tentacles for 20min. They act semi-autonomously, grabbing things within their reach, letting go if you move on, pulling them closer if you stand still. This is perfect for climbing rocks and trees, carrying things, and other simple tasks where you need to get a grip.

Extra hands (3) grows up to four human arms for 20min. These arms are under your control and each can wield a weapon as well as you do.

Extra hearing (2) allows you to hear the faintest sound within 300ft for a day. Within this range, you hear anybody walking and overhear any conversation. At the same time, more than ten people moving or talking within range confuses you and any shouting or banging hurts.

Extra pocket (1) opens a tunnel to a pocket dimension behind a closed lid of a chest or inside a small pouch. There is enough space here for a big chest. Everybody casting this spell gets their own little place. If you cast the spell again, you can get to the things you placed there. They say that there is a way to get at other people’s pockets but the spell to connect two pockets is lost.

Extra room (2) creates a little pocket dimension behind a closed door. When you open the door, it leads to a small stuffy room with space enough for four people to huddle on the floor. Closing the door a second time ends the connection between the door and the room. Anybody left behind is stranded until somebody else happens to use the same spell. This is why there always is a 1% chance of meeting somebody unimportant in the little closet.

Eyes of the overlord (2) allows you to see anything invisible within 60ft. The spell lasts for 20min.

Eyes of truth (5) reveals all illusions, invisible things, ethereal beings, astral projections and whatever else there is. This spell lasts for 10min.

Far Seeing (2) creates a floating eye in your palm which you can send anywhere you like. Anything it sees, you see. It travels 60ft per round and lasts for 10min. It can see in the dark if you can see in the dark.

Fate (5) allows you to spin invisible threads of chance and fate to entrap a particular person. You can cover a 100ft cube in a day. When the person enters the area, they end up doing the things you suggested with your threads, if at all possible. Random events trigger reactions that lead to consequences that you have laid out when weaving the threads. The spell can be cast multiple times in order to affect more people. The threads linger for as long as the surrounding walls keep standing. The world is full of these threads, waiting for victims that have passed a way ages ago.

Feasting (3) creates food and drink of the finest quality enough for a party of twelve for the entire day.

Feather Fall (1) allows you to fall any distance without taking any falling damage. This spell can be cast at any time, so as long as you are conscious, not gagged, and have at least one free hand available, you can cast it before hitting the ground.

Fire proofing (5) makes a location impervious to fire for a year and a day. This is how you secure buildings in Muspelheim.

Fire resistance (1) makes one target impervious to one die of fire damage per round. This means flaming oil does not harm you, flaming weapons don’t deal an extra 1d6 damage on a hit, you can enter melee against somebody wrapped in a fire cloak, and so on. The spell lasts for 1h.

Fireball (3) shoots forth a tiny, flaming missile flies for up to 180ft and explodes upon impact. Anybody within 20ft takes 1d6 damage per caster level (minimum 5d6). Save vs. spells for half. All flammable objects within the blast are set on fire.

Firetrap (2) draws invisible runes of power onto the ground in front of you. If anybody touches it, it all blows up for 4d6 damage, save vs. spells for half. These runes remain active until triggered, long after your death, if necessary.

Fist of air (1) enables you to air punch and have those hits travel through the air towards enemies for 10min. You must still roll to hit and you still apply your strength bonus to hit and damage.

Fist of death (5) is a strike with your fist which immediately kills the victim. You must still roll to hit. No save.

Flame arrows (3) fills a bucket or any similar container with a magic burning substance that can be used to dip arrows into it. This turns every arrow into a magic flaming arrow which adds an extra 1d6 damage to a hit. Up to 50 arrows can thus be lit. This liquid can also be used like flaming oil, burning for one round for every unlit arrow, dealing 1d8 damage every round until extinguished.

Flame cloak (1) surrounds you in fire such that anybody attacking you in melee must take 1d6 damage per round. The spell lasts for 20min or until doused by water.

Flaming arrows (3) enchants a quiver or barrel containing up to 50 arrows such that an arrow drawn from this container burns with a golden fire dealing an extra 1d6 fire damage. After 20min, all remaining arrows lose their magical fire.

Flaming blade (2) turns any blade into a flaming blade dealing an extra 1d6 damage. If the blade is not magical, it is considered to be a magic +0 weapon. The spell lasts for 20min.

Flaming sword (2) turns a regular sword into into a flaming sword dealing an extra 1d6 fire damage. After 20min, the sword loses its magical fire.

Flash flood (4) creates a sudden flood from a body of water within 150 ft. Anybody caught by it must save vs. death or be swept away. If wearing metal armour, save vs. death again or drown within a minute or two.

Fly (3) allows you to fly at your walking speed for 2h.

Flying (3) allows you to fly at half you movement speed (like a person wearing plate armour) for 2h. When the spell ends and you are still flying, you fall and take the usual 1d6 per 10ft falling damage

Flying bears (5) summons a sloth of 1d6+2 confused and angry flying bears: HD 8 AC 6 1d6/1d6/2d6 MV 12 fly; an extra 2d8 if both claws hit.

Flying stones (1) causes a rock lying on the ground to levitate. You can move it around for 10min with the wave of a hand and with an air punch it flies off up to 120ft and deals 2d6 damage on a target, save vs. spells for half.

Focus (2) and all your melee attacks next round are an automatic hit dealing maximum damage.

Fortification (4) protects a location such as a castle from arcane intruders for a day by creating magical fortifications and barriers which prevent any magical or summoned creatures from coming closer than 100ft and it prevents any magical effects from crossing the boundary: you can cast spells inside the fortification but you can throw a fireball from the outside at anything inside the fortification. The barriers do not dispell magic: a charmed person could still walk past the barrier carrying a magic sword.

Frozen path (2) freezes water in front of you for as long as you concentrate. If you need to run, save vs. spells to keep the ice growing fast enough. The frozen path is 10ft wide and melts naturally. The ice can be broken by attacks dealing 3d6 damage or more. You can reverse the spell to create a water path through ice.

Frozen slumber (4) allows you to freeze yourself or any target within 100ft. Inside the ice, your metabolism slows to a crawl, enabling you to survive centuries, if you want – or imprisoning your foes for centuries, if you want. You have a vague idea of your surroundings while inside the ice and can trigger a thaw when you feel the time is right. When you die, anybody else you are keeping in a frozen slumber thaws.

Gallow tree (4) calls forth a permanent evil from Niflheim: a large tree bursts from the ground and snatches up to fifteen people within reach, trying to strangle them. When hit, victims must save vs. death or be caught; and if they are caught, they must save vs. or faint in the second round; and they are not cut down in the third round, they die. The tree keeps using its arms to snatch and kill until it has fifteen victims. These turn into loyal ghouls over night and are dropped onto anybody approaching the tree (HD 15 AC 8 special F8 MV 0; ghouls: HD 2 AC 6 1d4/1d4/1d4 + paralysis F2 MV 9).

Gaseous form (3) makes you malleable and gas-like so that you may pass through anything that is not airtight. It also makes you invulnerable to non-magical weapons. You may creep along the floor like a dying man on his hands and knees, or you may rise up into the air like smoke to be blown wherever the winds will blow.

Glamour (2) is an illusion improving your looks in all respects, for a day: you look young and beautiful, your scars are gone, you smell of flowers, your voice is smooth and soothing. Like all illusions, anybody touching you may save vs. spells in order to see through it.

Golem craft (2) animates clay. This requires a cheap gem set into the forehead of the little creature. A clay golem has HD 3 AC 6 1d10 MV 12. When you reach level 9, you can create a stone golem with HD 9 AC 1 3d6 MV 12. Such a creature needs no rest, no food, no water and no friends. It does not sicken nor does it ever die unless destroyed by violence. It is not affected by cold, fire, poison, sleep or charms. Golems do not speak and are a bit dim. They don’t use interesting tactics, they can’t cast spells and they don’t use ranged weapons, but they defend their creator at all costs, taking any blows aimed at them, if possible. Sadly, while most are loyal servants they still take a retainer slot. If their creator has more retainers than allowed by their charisma, the golems may malfunction and gain independence.

Grafting (4) enables you to sew together body pieces, such as attaching the leg of corpse to a person that has lost their leg. If you add more limbs than the target had when it was born, you have to add extra brains to control the extra limbs. In stressful situations (whenever you need to make a save) there is a chance that the extra brain acts on its own. The chance depends on the number of original limbs and extras: a human with an extra arm has a 1 in 5 chance of the extra arm acting on its own for a round, following a stressful situation.

Ground strike (3) is a strike with your fist at the ground. A blast of air deals 3d8 damage to anybody within 20ft and they must save vs. explosions or be hurled away, clearing the blast area. They fall prone where they land and until they get up, all melee attacks against them get +4 to hit.

Grow limb (3) makes an extra limb grow out of a body. It takes about ten minutes to form. For every limb you add beyond the number your brain was born to deal with, there is a cumulative 1 in 6 chance of it misbehaving in an emergency: a 2 in 6 chance you cannot take off with your two new dragon wings, or a 2 in 6 chance you cannot attack with your two new extra crab pincers. You could grow an extra head like an ettin and have it control the extra limbs. But then you’ll need to make sure it stays loyal.

Haste (2) allows a target to move at double speed for as long as it can keep moving. Once it stops, the spell ends. Assuming a horse can move 20 miles without stopping, this spell allows it to travel 40 miles before stopping for a rest. A an ordinary horse can do this twice a day.

Heat metal (1) heats metal armour within 30ft such that it deals 1d6 damage every round for 5 rounds starting next round. Jumping into water reduces this to half. It takes more than 5 rounds to take off armour, so that doesn’t help.

Hidden lands (5) hides an island or some other area as large as a few miles across from the prying eyes of other people for a year and a day. Only you and the ones you designate can consciously pass through the veil. If you’re unconscious, you may pass, thus survivors of a shipwreck might end on your island, for example.

Hold monster (5) paralyses any 1d4 creatures for an hour.

Hold person (2) paralyses 1d4 human-like creatures for an hour. Human like creatures are not much larger than humans, made of flesh and blood, they have two legs, two arms, a head, and they can speak. Frog men are included, myconids are not; dwarves are included, giants are not.

Ice Gate (5) weakens the veil between your location and Jotunheim, allowing you to shape a permanent passage. You can expand the dark space between the two realms, create a maze of black ice or a palace of glass, whatever you want, just as long as it remains connected at both ends. Naturally, the influence of snow and ice grow around the ice gate.

Ice Wall (1) pulls water up and freezes it into a thick ice barrier as big as a castle gate. This barrier has 2d6 hit points per level and AC 9.

Ice bridge (5) grows a bridge of ice from a patch of snow or ice you’re standing on. The bridge can span up to 100m and is wide enough for an elephant to cross safely. The surface of the bridge is covered in snow and not slippery. The bridge collapses after 24h, or if the caster wills it so.

Ice castle (5) creates a small castle of ice from a patch of snow or ice you’re standing on, or expands an existing one. Every day you may add another building. Every time the castle grows, its power over the climate in the vicinity grows as well. If you’re a long lived elf with a grudge, eventually the castle grows so large that it’s influence causes another ice age with the entire continent covered in glaciers.

Ice gate (3) weakens the veil of the world separating Jötunheim from your current realm anywhere within 20ft of you. You can fill this space with a snow up to 5ft high. Anybody caught in the area except for you must save vs. paralysis or be swept off their feet and buried by the snow. One buried, victims are immobilised and suffocate in 10min unless dug out by others. For the next 10min, anybody in the target area can walk over to Jötunheim, if they want to. Note that when in Jötunheim without appropriate equipment and clothing, the cold kills you in 2h. If you cast this spell in Jötunheim, you can cross over to Midgard, the realm of humans. The gate leads to the patch of snow nearest to your last location on Midgard. If you have never been to Midgard, it’s a random, snow-covered mountain.

Ice storm (3) lets the winds of the void crash through into our reality, drawing a line of ice and cold from you towards any target you point to within 120ft. Anybody caught up in the blast must save vs. spells and take 3d10 damage or be covered by magic ice. The magic ice weakens and breaks in 10min if the air is warm enough, or if it is smashed. If the ice is smashed, the victim takes an extra 3d10 damage and is surprised, granting a free round of attacks. The magic ice encases victims, paralysing them, but it also protects them from further attacks until the ice is smashed or weakens and breaks eventually. If the air isn’t warm enough to melt the magic ice, encased victims remain frozen until it does, possibly for a very long time.

Icicles (1) lifts a cup of water per level into the air and turn each one of them into an icicle. Next round, you can shoot them at designated target within 60ft dealing 1d6 damage each, save vs. spells for half.

Illusion (2) allows you to create and maintain an illusion as large as a house for as long as you concentrate on it. Anybody touching it may save vs. spells in order to see through the illusion. An illusion attacks like the caster but always has an AC of 9. Illusionary damage affects you as long as you believe it until you faint.

Immunity to fire (3) is a magic shield against all fire that lasts 1h. Fireballs explode without harming you. You can walk through the fires of hell without getting hurt. The shield has a diameter of 20ft, and may provide protection for an additional six people, even though you’ll have to move slowly.

Imprisonment (5) allows you to put a dent in reality and seal of a pocket of time and space, imprisoning a target unless they save vs. spells. For the imprisoned, time passes by their body requires neither food nor drink, nor does it age. Thus, they cannot be resurrected, nor can they be recalled from an afterlife. The prison weakens within a day unless you spend 10min fortifying it for a year and a day. If you spend a day fortifying it, the prison lasts for a thousand years unless the seals are broken. Describe the seals and how they must be broken for this to occur.

Ink (1) turns the air you exhale charcoal black for 20min. Anybody within it is blind (-4 to hit). The blackness quickly spreads 15ft in every direction. A gust of wind disperses it.

Invisibility (2) allows you to turn invisible until you attack a living creature. The spell can be reversed: an invisibility purge dispels all invisibilities within 60ft. Ethereal creatures or people shadow walking are not affected. The purge lingers for 10 minutes.

Invisible claws (3) focuses your hate into invisible claws or blades which whizz through the air, cutting skin and flesh wherever they can. Roll an attack on anybody within 60ft for every level of yours and deal 3d6 if you hit. No save.

Javelins of Lightning (3) turns ten javelins into javelins of lightning. When thrown, these javelins are enveloped in chains of lightning and when they hit their target, they deal an additional 3d6 of damage, discharging the lightning. When left unused, the energy dissipates after 20min.

Joyful dog (1) gives anybody you touch a flash visions of puppies and happy dogs running around. This vision lifts their spirits and restores 1d6+1 hit points, up to their maximum.

Jump (1) enables you to leap up into the air and land safely up to 60ft away. You can also hurl yourself at enemies and deal double damage on a melee attack as you come down.

Kill (4) allows you see the life thread of a living target up to 60ft away and cut it. The target must save vs. death or die.

Laser eyes (3) grants your eyes the ability to shoot laser beams for 20min: one target per round must save vs. rays or take 1d6 damage. You can still act normally in addition to using your laser eyes.

Levitation (2) allows you to defy gravity for 20min. Jump up and keep floating up, climb up vertical cliff faces effortlessly, but beware the end of the spell: you take the usual 1d6 per 10ft falling damage if you’re afloat.

Lies (1) is a simple spell allowing you to tell any lie to a single person you have eye contact with. Others do not fall for this lie and can try to dissuade the victim from acting upon their belief but this doesn’t change the fact that they continue believing the lie. Every morning, the victim must save vs. spells or continue believing the lie for another day. No save when being told the lie in the first place!

Light foot (1) allows you to walk for 4h without leaving any tracks. You do not sink into snow nor disturb any leaves. The gras does not feel your touch and the branches do not snap. You can surprise your opponents on 1–3 in 6.

Lightning bolt (3) strikes any visible foe within 200ft and everybody standing between you and them, unless they’re very small or lying on the ground. Anything within two feet of the bolt is affected and takes 1d6 damage per caster level (5d6 minimum), save vs. spells for half damage.

Ligning bolt (3) is a javelin of lightning dealing 1d6 per caster level (minimum 5d6) to a target within 180ft and anybody standing between you and the target. Targets may save vs. spells for half. Wooden structures like shields, doors or siege engines hit are destroyed.

Like Grass (4) allows you to ignore all bludgeoning damage and falling damage. If you’re hit by clubs, hammers, maces, wrecking balls, rocks, or whatever else, you are simply flung aside and tumble and roll like a superhero, undamaged.

Like leaves (4) allows you to enchant an area of 20ft diameter with up to 20 people in it (you included, if you want) in order to make them as light as dry leaves, and conjure up a strong gust of wind which blows all of them to any place you can see within one mile, allowing them land safely. Anybody trying to resist must save vs. spells in order to stay. Should they fail, they cannot land safely and take at least 1d6 damage if landing on solid ground, plus 1d6/10ft. falling damage for up to 10d6 if applicable (for a total of 11d6 maximum) and half damage when landing in water.

Limited Shape Shift (3) changes you into the animal you feel most connected to (and no other). The effect ends when you will it to end or when you die. Agrimach likes to move around as a wolf.

Liquefy (2) makes your jaw grow large, with acid glands, and if you manage to bite somebody in that very moment, they must save vs. poison or suffer 4d6 acid damage. If they’re already dead, you can liquefy a human-sized corpse (and drink the goo, if you feel like it).

Locate corpse (1) allows you detect any dead or undead within 120ft. You can try and be more specific, focus on particular attributes of the corpse or even looking for a certain individual if you are in possession of a personal item or a part of their body.

Locate creature (1) gives you a supernatural sense of smell for an hour. You can tell what kind of creatures walked over the ground or touched the surface you’re sniffing. You can track them. You recognise anybody you’ve previously smelled with this supernatural sense. You can track creatures if you keep your nose to the ground.

Lock (1) locks any closed door¹ such that only the caster can open it. Doing so ends the enchantment, though. No amount of force can open such a locked door. Should a fire or earthquake destroy all the walls around the door, it would still be locked and surrounded by its frame. Digging a hole through the walls is probably faster than waiting for the door to rot and rust away. The reverse, Unlock unlocks any locked door that has been locked by mundane means (obviating the need for strength checks and battle axes). It does not unlock a magically locked door. You need to break the enchantment using a stronger spell.

Long kiss (2) allows you to kiss somebody and create a special bond between the two of you. Both of you know where the other one is: you can feel how many days or hours you would have to walk in which direction in order to meet them. You may cut this bond at any time. If you don’t, it is permanent.

Long sleep (1) sends one target within 30ft into magical slumber. Unwilling targets must save vs. spells or succumb. This is a light sleep, so any subsequent noise wakes the sleeper. You may specify when the target wakes. Either way, the spell ends after a year and a day. At 5th level, the spell no longer ends on its own. At 9th level, the spell affects the area 60ft around the target as well, with the exception of the caster, if so desired. Anybody entering the area must save vs. spells or succumb. Once asleep, victims do not age, do not hunger, do not thirst, but rest and heal as well as they can.

Loud whispers (2) enchants an area as big as a castle for a day such that whenever you whisper within the enchanted area, your whispers carry everywhere.

Lunar Runes (1) allows you to read and write the ancient elven runes powered by lunar magic for 20min. These runes are usually invisible or hidden within ornaments and other writing. This spell makes the lunar runes glow in a pale light, visible to all.

Lunar Sailing (5) summons a moon caravel. It appears within 10min and carries up to 20 people. The moon caravel can sail through shallow waters and on moonlit nights, it can fly up into the air and cross over into any of the other realms the navigator knows how to find using their star charts. Each chart names the location and realm it leads to. These star charts are therefore quite valuable. Sadly, mastery of this spell does not automatically grant you access to any star charts.

Magic bow and arrows (1) summons a magic bow +1 and a quiver with 20 arrows. These last until all the arrows have been shot, the bow is released, or 20min have passed. The bow cannot be passed to anybody else.

Magic kingdom (5) enchants an entire region and allows you to create illusions with semi-autonomous behaviour for two miles around you: a forest full of grasping roots, a candy land, whatever you want. The limitations on illusions continue to apply, however. Anybody touching an illusion may save vs. spells in order to see through the illusion. That is why the easiest illusions to maintain are scary illusions or unreachable ones, of course. An illusion attacks like the caster but always has an AC of 9.

Magic message (1) enchants a stone such that under the conditions named it speaks a short message. The conditions named must be such that the caster knows right then and there whether they are fulfilled or not. Thus, “when Orland the Wise walks by” is perfectly reasonable if the caster knows Orland even though the stone has no idea. On the other hand, “when the assassin of King Gerold the Good walks by” won’t work unless the caster knows who it is.

Magic shield (4) protects you for 2h from any spells up to the third circle and thus from all elemental energies such as possessed by dragons: ice, acid, lightning, fire. This spell does not protect against poison gas. You can suspend the shield to receive beneficial spells or to cast attack spells yourself, but this opens you to a counter attack until your get to act again.

Mastery of the nine realms (5) transports you and anybody meditating with you for 10min to any of the eight known realms: Asgard (city of the gods), Alfheim (elves), Midgard (humans), Myrkheim (dwarves), Jötunheim (giants), Vanaheim (demons), Niflheim (trolls), Muspelheim (salamanders). Nobody knows what the ninth ream should be. Perhaps it’s the space between the realms, the astral sea, or the world tree, Yggdrasil. You appear near a big and famous structures when you move to a new realm. When you return to a realm you have been to, you appear where you last left it.

Melting walls (5) turns stone to mud. This is usually enough to breach almost all city walls. Basically a cube of 30ft on every side is affected, so if the wall is thicker than 30ft, it won’t be breached by a single casting of the spell.

Mind blast (2) turns a silent “boo!” into an overwhelming panic attack. 1d4 victims must save vs. spells or be knocked out for 10min. Those who make the save are still stunned for a round.

Mind reading (2) allows you to read one other person’s mind as soon as they look into your eyes. This lasts for 20min. Lies are impossible. A victim may save vs. spells to realize what is going and and to hide their thoughts. Nobody can hide the fact that they are hiding their thoughts from you, however.

Mind rot (1) confuses a target within 60ft for half an hour. They don’t remember what they were doing, they don’t remember their name, their friends, their enemies, their spells, the books they’ve read. Their soul is still here, their feelings are unaffected. But it’s hard to act coherently if all you know is how you feel about people and situations. When the spell ends, the victims don’t recall much, not even the moment they lost their mind.

Mirror passage (4) enchants a mirror such that it leads to the lands of the Red King, a realm built on top of a huge, ruined city and ruled by despotic nobles. From there, any mirror can be used to return to your realm of origin.

Misdirection (4) creates a magical maze protecting an area 100ft in diameter from discovery. This area is big enough for a nice camp site or a small house. Anybody entering the area from the outside without help from somebody inside must save vs. spells or pass through the area without discovering the protected area. They simply see whatever they expect to see around here: more trees, dark alleys, corridors and rooms, whatever is appropriate and soon forgotten.

Mishap (1) is a very small curse on a target within 60ft: they must save vs. spells or fail their next action, no matter what it is: all their attacks, all their spells, all their movements. If they attempt to do it, they fumble. If they try to stab somebody with a sword, they drop it. If they try to sheathe their sword, they cut themselves. If they move, they stumble. If they speak, they mispronounce.

Moon barrier (5) summons a shining barrier lasting for 10min and protecting you from all magic including elemental damage and all ranged weapons. You can only be damaged in melee. You can still drown and you still die if you fall into lava.

Moon blade (5) summons a shining blade of holy fire (+5 to hit, 2d6+5 damage) lasting for 10min.

Needles and puppets (1) is the art of making and enchanting little puppets made of straw and twigs and bits of cloth and lock of hair. Within ten minutes you can enchant the puppet such that it mimics the actions of the person whose hair you used: when they dance the puppet dances, when they fight, the puppet fights, and when they talk, the puppet yaps. Once per day you can stab the puppet with a needle the owner of the hair takes 1d6 damage. When reduced to zero hit points, they must save vs. death or die. You can enchant as many puppets as you have levels. If you enchant more, the older puppets gain independence and run away, trying to warn the owner of their hair.

Network (4) allows you to tap into the network of living spiders all around you. Any spider within two or three miles in any direction can be contacted by you by simply projecting your mind, sending back the things they can hear and see. You can understand the words spoken and read written messages even if the spider whose sense you are using cannot. It is hard to project your mind into the void, looking for things you don’t know. You must know the location or person or object you’re interested in, for this spell to work.

Night vision (2) grants you and your pack (up to twenty people) the ability to see 60ft in moonlight or starlight. The only place your eyes still cannot penetrate is the absolute darkness underground.

No brainer (4) grows four facial tentacles for 20min. On your next melee hit of creature with a skull no larger than a human, you deal no damage but grapple with your arms and facial tentacles. On every subsequent hit, your victim must save vs. death or have their brains destroyed by tentacles forcing their way through nostrils and eye sockets.

Observation (3) gives you the power to observe what somebody is doing, no matter where they are, if and only if you can eat a little bit of their hair. The target must save vs. spell in order to notice the strange presence in their mind. If they do, they may defend themselves with mind-affecting spells such as charms, mind blast, mind reading, mind rot, or warp mind.

One thousand fists (2) gives you three melee attacks per round for the next 10min.

Ooze (2) is a very limited shape shift. You can turn to a very slow moving ooze (AC 9 MV 3) and flow through the smallest cracks – but very, very slowly. The effect ends when you will it to end or when you die. You can pick any colour but you don’t gain any special abilities, cannot speak and cannot damage anybody. You can suffocate a helpless person.

Open Mind (4) opens your mind to the warp and the howling voices of demons from that void between the realms. They speak of terrible secrets that will drive any mortal mad. You have but a few moments to search for answers: ask a question and save vs. spells. If you fail, descend into madness for half an hour. This is why others often think it best to tie down and gag anybody about to open their mind to the warp! If you make the save, you receive an answer to your question. Note that the future is unknown and remains obscure even to the demons from beyond the pale.

Outgrowth (2) allows organic matter to grow from your body: moss, mushrooms, grass, fur, horns, claws. You can use it to achieve perfect camouflage if you’re immobile, to give off a flowery scent, or to grow fruit for somebody else to eat. You can command things to grow for ten minutes and once grown, these things stay until you cut them off manually. It takes two weeks for last traces to disappear.

Paralysing punch (3) is a strike with your flat hand which paralyzes the victim for a minute. You must still roll to hit. No save.

Paralysis (2) affects one person within 30ft; they must save vs. spells or be unable to move for 1h as they experience death, burial or the pyre, worms gnawing at their bones, flames eating their face and the crushing weight of the earth. Paralyzed victims drop everything they are holding and collapse.

Part water (4) allows you to travel through any body of water by parting the water. No matter how deep the ocean, you can travel along the sea floor. The partition holds for as long as you concentrate. Anybody caught in the water when the partition collapses must save vs. death or die. If they cannot swim or if they are wearing metal armour, they must continue saving every round.

Passage (3) enchants a closed door such that opening it creates a portal² to another, known door in the same realm. The portal remains active until the door is closed.

Permanent darkness (2) with a radius of 60ft; anybody within it is blind (-4 to hit, no targeting of spells). If you target somebody directly, the must save vs. spells or be blinded.

Permanent starlight (2) catches the surrounding light and liquefies it, and then it freezes the liquid light into a crystal which continues to shine for a hundred years.

Phase walk (3) allows you to see the maze of crisscrossing lines connecting the realms and with one step, you can cross over to any of the eight known realms: Asgard (city of the gods), Alfheim (elves), Midgard (humans), Myrkheim (dwarves), Jötunheim (giants), Vanaheim (demons), Niflheim (trolls), Muspelheim (salamanders). You appear far from any watchful eyes but near a building. You can bring along whatever you can carry, i.e. one other person.

Plague Touch (2) turns you into a rotting half-corpse for an hour. Your skin starts peeling off, there’s pus and other fluids, the smell is dreadful, and worst of all: it’s contagious. Anybody you touch must save vs. poison or contract the same rotting disease. You loose half your hit points and don’t regain them when the spell ends. Other victims you infect loose all their hit points but one within ten minutes and don’t recover unless they undergo a week-long purification ritual involving a lot of bathing, fuming and changing of bandages.

Plant growth (4) turns a 60ft × 60ft area of bushes or trees into a magical thicket in an instant. Machetes or something equivalent will be required to traverse this undergrowth. The spell can also be used to magically enhance larger trees, turning them into majestic towers, able to carry the weight of a large and beautiful tree house, or it can be used to grow trees into magical wooden river barges, or similar wooden structures. When dispelled, the material loses its magical hardiness but doesn’t immediately turn to dust. The thorns lose their sting, the wood loses its fire resistance, its imperviousness to salt water.

Poison (4) instantly kills a victim touched unless it saves vs. poison. This spell can be reverted to neutralize a poison, bringing back anybody who died of a poison within the last minute and making them immune to poison for the next hour, allowing them to survive an oncoming cloudkill, for example.

Portal (5) enchants a closed door such that opening it creates a portal² to any unused door anywhere in the nine realms. You can specify a building or a person and the portal created will connect to the nearest unused door. These doors are usually in deep cellars, attics, ruins, dungeons, sewers and the like. The portal is permanent until dispelled.

Possession (5) allows you to transfer your soul into a gem and from there you make take possession of victims within 120ft. They must save vs. spells or their soul exchanges places with your soul: they end up imprisoned in the gem and you end up in control of their body, keeping your intelligence, wisdom, charisma, level, class and alignment but getting the new host’s strength, dexterity, constitution, hit points and all their abilities except for their spell casting abilities. If the gem remains within 120ft, killing the host simply forces your souls to switch places again, so their soul dies with their body where as you are back in the gem, ready to possess another body.

Protection from cold (2) protects you from ice storms and natural cold weather for 2h. If you are hit by a cold attack, you automatically take half damage. If a save grants you half damage, you only a quarter damage.

Protection from hail (3) protects you from missiles of all sorts for 2h. Arrows, bolts and sling stones cannot pierce this shining shield, but rocks thrown by giant or spells still break through the barrier.

Protection from harm (1) covers you shining armour made of solid sunlight granting you AC 4 against melee attacks and AC 2 against ranged attacks. This magic armour weighs nothing and allows you to swim. The spell lasts for 2h.

Puppet master (3) allows you to create a puppet of another person, if and only if you have a bit of their hair. This puppet is linked to the owner of the hair. Attach some strings to the puppet and you can control the movements of the other person. You cannot make them drop something, or pick something up, or say something, or eat or drink something, but you control their arms and legs. You can make them jump, dance, fall over, crawl. Anybody who can see invisible things can see and follow the strings that connect the puppet to its master.

Rain of fire (5) opens a storm gate to Muspelheim, the realm of eternal fire. For a minute, a great roaring can be heard overhead and soot and ash fills the air, followed by 10min of liquid fire raining down, dealing 1d8 per round, setting all wooden structures on fire, killing everything that is not protected by a stone roof or impervious to fire. An area as large as a village can thus be levelled. Flying creatures immune to fire can use this gate to cross over into Muspelheim.

Raise dead (5) brings a corpse back to life if they have died within the last seven days. It must not suffer from fatal conditions or it simply dies again (decapitated, broken spine, that kind of thing). You need to touch the corpse and it takes about 10min to animate. This usually involves the appearance of an angel of death dragging the kicking and screaming soul back into the living world.

Raise stone (2) allows you to slowly raise a boulder as big as a carriage from the ground. Possible uses include blocking vehicles, creating a rampart, building a bridge, or rolling downhill. It is easily avoided by individuals under most circumstances.

Read Magic (1) allows you to read and use scrolls.

Realm (5) enchants a closed door such that opening it leads to a little pocket realm, enough space for a building, a little land, some sky, a light above, breathable air, and everything else. Anybody casting this spell gets their own little realm. If you cast the spell again, you can reshape your realm at your will with godlike powers or change the door that leads to it. You cannot have more than one such realm and one such door leading to it.

Recoil (1) turns you briefly into a horrendous monster in the eyes of anybody within melee range; anybody who sees you must save vs. spells or recoil in horror and be stunned for one round. To be stunned means that you cannot move and you cannot attack, but opponents must still roll to hit. To recoil means to take an uncontrolled step back.

Restore faith (1) heals 1d6+1 points upon touching the target

Return (4) allows you to create a silver thread that leads you and up to three others to a destination you have been to before. The thread leads through wrinkles in the barrier between the realms and thus effectively allows you to reach any destination in any of the known realms with no more than a dozen steps.

River travel (4) enchants a ship to travel up or down a river for up to 20mi, in but a moment, like a ghost, unseen but felt as a passing cold dread by people near the river.

Rock swim (3) allows you to dive into the rock like a fish and “swim” for 10min and to glide through the earth up to 1000ft. If the spell ends while you’re still gliding through the earth, you suffocate and remain stuck forever.

Rock throwing (3) allows you to pick up large rocks and throw them for 20min like giants do: roll to-hit as you would, deal 3d6 on a hit, no save.

Rope command (1) allows you to command up to 50ft of rope for 10min. It can slither like a snake, knot and unknot, trip people passing over it, and so on.

Scrying (3) is the art of seeing far away places in the flames and smoke of a big fire. Stare into the flames for ten minutes, open your third eye, send your spirit to far away places and report what you see. You can only see what your eyes could see if you where there. No other sense is available to you. You must know the location or the person you want to see. If you are looking for a known person, the target gets a save vs. spells to avoid being scryed upon. Either way, they feel watched.

Sea of fog (3) calls forth the fog spirits from a small lake or a larger body of water. Within an hour, the fog can cover an area so large it would take somebody half an hour to cross from one end to the other. This is large enough to fill the streets of a town, conceal a harbour, hide a reef, or cover a valley. Within the fog, visibility is limited to a few feet.

Servant (2) creates a magical servant of your devising, just for you. It can be a dead body given ghoulish life, a zombie, a talking crow, or an owl, or a dead knight, anything like that. If the servant is at least as large as a child, it can fight: HD 2 AC 9 1d6 MV 9. It might even wield a weapon and wear armour, if suitable a weapon and armour can be found.

Shadow Passage (4) lets you travel through the shadow lands and take ten companions with you. You can safely travel this way up to one hundred miles during the night or while you are underground. For every extra hundred miles everybody on this trip must save vs. death or be lost in the shadow lands.

Shadow blast (3) opens a rift to the plane of shadows and from it pours a fetid wind of some strange substance that grows cobwebs and shrouds as it blows, and anybody caught in it must save vs. spells or be blinded, deafened and stunned for a minute. An area about 20ft wide and 300ft long is caught in this storm. To be stunned means that you cannot move and you cannot attack, but opponents must still roll to hit.

Shadow step (2) allows you to step into the featureless shadow realm and move up to 30ft. This allows you to pass through walls, doors, ceilings and across chasms.

Shadow walking (4) is the art of opening a passage to the plane of shadows, a place where an endless labyrinth of ruins open to a dim grey sky above and a liquid darkness suffocates any travelers. Every hour spent on this plane costs a point of strength, but if you know where you want to go, every hour travelled here takes you a hundred miles in the real world. You and your companions emerge in a dark and murky place near your target destination. You may take as many people with you as will come but any whose loyalty is not certain must make a morale check or refuse. Strength lost recovers at the rate of 1/day.

Shadows (1) reinforces the terrors of the night. When the sun has set or underground, all shadows deepen, all light grows dim, the grows cold and fear begins to spread. Units within 60ft must make a morale check or retreat. Individuals must save vs. spells or stay put, fearful of attracting the attention of whatever lurks in the darkness. The sound of combat dispels the effect. Otherwise it holds for as long as you concentrate on it. Your concentration holds as long as you don’t attack, cast a spell, or take damage.

Shape change (4) allows you to change your shape. You get all the physical and none of the mental abilities of your new shape: basically you get the new looks, the movement, the AC and the natural attacks. If your new shape can fly, so can you. If it can breath under water, so can you. If your new shape can’t speak, you cannot cast spells. If the creature you changed into can breathe fire, you still cannot: You don’t get any magical abilities with the new shape. If you change into a monster, it may not have more HD than you have levels. If you are a level 9 caster and turn into a dragon, for example, your stats change to the stats of a blue dragon: AC 0 1d8/1d8/3d10 MV 24 (flying). You keep your hit points and to-hit scores since your class doesn’t change. You return to your natural shape when you loose consciousness.

Sharing (4) allows you to grow a shared understanding with anything alive within 150ft and to maintain this contact with the area for a day: to hear what all the plants can hear, to see what all the animals can see. Intelligent beings in the area must save vs. spells or share just like everybody else.

Shatter (4) is shout of such terrible power that it breaks walls up to a feet thick and smash all wooden structures within 10ft, and when shouting at somebody in particular, the target must save vs. death or die.

Shield (1) gives you AC 3 for 2h as you can deflect blows and missiles using your bare palms.

Shield wall (1) summons the broken palisades and splintered shields from the battlefields of Asgard to create a wooden wall 30ft wide and 6ft tall. Breaking down this wall requires ten minutes with axes or a battering ram, and even longer using fire. The wood is otherwise permanent.

Silence (2) prevents any sound from originating within 15ft of the target (usually a stone, up to 180ft away). Targets may attempt a save vs. spells to avoid the effect. This would prevent them from moving out of range. Nobody can speak or cast spells within 15ft of the target. As outside noise still enters the bubble of silence, victims may not immediately notice that they have been silenced.

Silent message (1) allows you to send a short message and receive a short answer without speaking any words. The recipient has to be within a mile. The message does not involve any mind reading so you still need to share a common language, and replying is optional.

Silent paws (2) grants you and your pack (up to twenty people) the ability to run silently for 8h, if and only if you’re not wearing metal armour.

Silk (1) allows you to weave up to 50ft of spider silk rope out of thin air. At night, it allows you to catch moonlight and weave the finest silk from it. A square up to 50×50ft of cloth can be created: nets, sails, curtains, you name it.

Siren song (1) gives your voice power over people: a single target must save vs. spells or be charmed when you address them. To break free, victims save again every day if their intelligence is 13 or better, every week if their intelligence is average, or every month if their intelligence is 8 or lower. While charmed, victims treat you as their best friend. Once victims break free, they remember everything they did and if they did anything they would not have ordinarily have done, they react with shame and anger. Charms usually cause severe emotional distress!

Sleep (1) puts 2d8 HD of creatures to sleep. It works on friend and foe alike, so it cannot safely be used against foes in melee. Lower hit dice and lower hit points are affected first. No save. Creatures with more than four hit dice are immune.

Slipstream Travel (4) turns you and anybody else within 10ft into a magical dust that can follow any living thing as it moves through air or water for as long as you want. Usually, this is used to transport a group of people using birds.

Slow time (4) allows you to act four times while time around you slows to a crawl. Spells cast into slow time and attacks made in slow time take effect as time speeds up again.

Song of speed (3) enables a target to move twice as far, attack twice as often, cast twice as many spells per round, for 10min, as long as you keep singing softly to yourself. When singing, you can’t cast any other spells yourself.

Song of the water dragons (1). Every river has a water dragon protecting it. Singing this song summons the dragon: HD 9 AC 0 1d8/1d8/3d10 F9 ML 9 MV 24 XP 3100; lightning bolts for 9d6, save for half. The dragon speaks the language of the locals but is not interested in performing any services. It is always interested in acquiring more treasure, though. Unless you strike a deal, the dragon takes the treasure of anybody present for the mere act of calling it.

Sorcerous fumes (4) calls forth boiling fumes from the and sends them rolling in any direction you want at 10ft per round. Anybody caught in these fumes must save every round vs. spells or fall unconscious as their mind is taken into sweet dream lands. If unconscious in water, drowns immediately.

Speak (3) allows you to speak to any intelligent creature and understand what it is saying. For the purposes of this spell, anything with a name is assumed to be intelligent enough to speak.

Speak with animals (2) allows you to converse with animals of a particular species for 20min. A reaction roll might still be necessary because the animals are not automatically charmed.

Speak with skulls (2) allows you to reach through time and space into the afterlife and contact the souls that inhabited the skull you are holding. The conversation continues for as long as you keep talking. The soul is not necessarily friendly and cannot be charmed.

Speak with stones (2) allows you to talk to rocks for 20min. Sadly, their perspective is limited by their rock nature. They may report things they heard or saw (if there was light), their memories go back a long time, but they can’t tell individuals apart and their sense of time is confusing at best.

Speed (3) doubles your actions every round for half an hour: move twice as fast, attack twice as often. You can’t cast twice as many spells because timing is important.

Spell Warp (4) disrupts magic around you. For up to 10min and as far as 60ft, reality is visibly changed: spiders crawl from their hiding places, mushrooms grow, snakes hiss, roots writhe, leaves curl, buildings groan, flowers bloom and die, spells cast fails spectacularly, magic effects are diminished, magic items screech and howl, all benefits are lost for the duration of the warp.

Spider climb (1) allows anybody you touch into a half spider centaur for 10min. With your legs, you can climb along any solid surface or rope. With your spider silk gland, you can secure yourself against falls when jumping.

Spider senses (2) allows you to enchant a target such that they are able to locate the smallest vibrations within 100ft using their fingertips. Anytime they touch the ground or a wall, they can pinpoint living creatures in range – as long as these also touch the ground or a wall! They can no longer be surprised. In addition to that, their heads grows six extra, sleepless eyes. This allows them to see in all directions, and to see additional colours like jale and ulfire. These eyes grant no mechanical benefits. The spell ends and the eyes disappear back into their surrounding flesh after half an hour.

Split the ground (4) allows you to smash your fist into the ground and split the earth. A fissure opens within seconds, and it keeps growing longer and wider while you concentrate. If you stand in front of people and you want the fissure to open underneath their feet, it will. Anybody within 60ft must save vs. death or fall, taking 8d8 damage. If you have the time, you can turn a peninsula into an island, or ruin a city, and if you’re immortal, you can split a continent.

Stone fist (1) raises your strength to 18 for 10min: +3 to melee attacks, 1d6+3 damage, smash doors on a 1–5 in 6.

Stone growth (5) calls forth the Bones of the Earth and bends them to your will. Long columns of stone rise from the ground all around you and bend and twist as you like. If you use these to fight, you now have two melee attacks dealing 3d10 each and a reach of 60ft. After 10min these columns solidify and turn into a fantastic stone sculptures, towers, dams, or whatever else strikes your fancy. You can keep growing structures like that and build a mountain, if you have the time.

Stone skin (3) turns your body to some sort of weird stone material: impervious to cold, fire, poison, and your AC goes down to. Also, you can no longer swim and you still need to breathe, so good luck with that.

Summon Living Storm (5) conjures an elemental: HD 16 AC -2 3d8 F16 MV 36; plus 1d8 vs. flying creatures; requires a save vs. death to approach; immune to non-magical weapons; attacks summoner and remains on this plane if the conjurer’s concentration fails. This happens whenever the caster takes damage. The elemental is usually very hard to reason with, but it understands simple commands like “sink that ship” or “kill everybody in this town”. The elemental can be dismissed at any time if it is still under control. When casting this spell for the first time, a special connection between you and one particular air elemental is formed. This is the air elemental that answers your call, every single time, for the rest of your life. Names include Flying Debris, Blades of Death, Pestilence from the Desert, and Ice Storm.

Summon ghoul (2) summons¹ a diminished lord of the earth, a ghoul; when you cast it for the first time, a special bond is created between you and particular ghoul. Future castings of the spell keep summoning the same ghoul. There can only ever be one such ghoul. It follows your commands but would love nothing more than to eat you alive. Through unspeakable acts anybody it seduces and kills rises as a free ghoul within 24h. HD 2 AC 6 1d4/1d4/1d4 + paralysis F2 MV 9 ML 9; aura of fear and limited shape shift at will.

Summon kraken (5) summons a giant kraken from the depth of the sea. HD 12 AC 4 8×2d6 F6 MV 9 ML 10 XP 1200; anybody hit must save vs. death or be flung through the air. On land, take an additional 2d6 damage. On sea, fall into the water. When in the water wearing metal armour, save vs. death every round or drown.

Summon living storm (5) conjures an elemental, usually the air elemental called Angry Whip: HD 16 AC -2 3d8 F16 MV 36; plus 1d8 vs. flying creatures; requires a save vs. death to approach; immune to non-magical weapons; attacks summoner and remains on this plane if the conjurer’s concentration fails.

Summon ursine soldier (4) summons an unwilling armoured polar bear to join a fight: HD 6 AC 5 1d6/1d6/2d6 MV 9; an extra 2d8 if both claws hit.

Summoning a lord of fire (4) summons an ifrit from Muspelheim.

Summoning gate (4) opens a calling portal to one of the nine realms and forces a native into your present realm. Such a native could be a troll, valkyrie, doppelgänger, elven noble, demon, naga or similar (usually around HD 6). Anybody casting this spell gets their own little ally. They stay for an hour before fading away. If they are killed, the spell has no effect for a week and then it will have latched onto a new ally.

Sun chariot (4) summons a flying, flaming, scythed chariot dealing 2d6 to anybody you ride past. It holds three people. The chariot is yours to command for 8h. Its movement rate is as fast as a wolf (MV 18).

Telekinesis (4) gives you power over matter and gravity: fling rocks around, tear up the ground, rip open windows, crush everything. A volume of matter as big as cart (up to 20 humans) can be moved and thrown up to 200ft. When targets are hit by flying debris, or when targets are flung into solid objects, they take 1d6 damage per caster level (i.e. at least 7d6), save vs. spells for half. If dropping rocks on a target from high above, the usual 1d6 damage per 10ft applies (i.e. at most 20d6), save vs. spells for half. When living things smash into other living things, damage is split between the two (e.g. 20 humans dropping on a group of 20 humans from 200ft means 40 humans take 10d6 damage, save vs. spells for half).

Teleportation trap (3) creates subtle changes in the configuration of space such that a group of people nearby is teleported elsewhere within 200ft without them noticing it. If the group of people stretches for more than 60ft (a line of twenty people), then the trap does not trigger. The trapped area radiates faint and harmless magic.

Tentacles (2) pulls water up and turns your two arms into watery tentacles with water drawn from a nearby source. This gives you two melee attacks per round for 1d6 damage each. At level 5 these arms can grow up to 30ft long.

Time thief (5) allows you to send your sense into the immediate future for a day and a night, giving you a chance to react appropriately, once per turn or once per fight: if anybody at the table announces an action or an event, you get two immediate, extra rounds to act in. If you are surprised, you lose one round, just like everybody else. The round you lose can be one of these extra two rounds, however.

To dust (4) transforms you and all you designate within 10ft into dust. Unwilling targets must save vs. spells or be turned to dust. If a wind blows, the dust is picked up and settles in a neighbouring region. Roll a die to determine the current wind direction when it has not been established. Use a d10 to determine where you are being blown: 1 = North, 3 = East, 5 = South, 7 = West, 9 and 10 = nowhere. Use a d8 when using a hex map. If you are blown out to sea, you are all going to drown, so don’t do that. If there is no wind, you can call up a gust of wind to blow the dust for 60ft in a particular direction. There, you can lie in dust form for up to 8h.

Transmigration (5) allows you to leave your body and transfer your soul into arthropods of any kind: insects, spiders, crabs, no matter how big or small. You can spread your consciousness into many of these creatures and reassemble as large as your original body but made up of this vermin. In this form, you can deal 1d6 damage every round to a living creature and replenish any killed members from the environment as thousands of vermin stream towards you. The only thing that can effectively kill you is an area effect such as fire, water, ice, poison gas or lightning. You can hollow out a dead body about the size of your original body and take it over for a day. Beyond that, it gets difficult to hide the discolorations, the bad smell and the writhing vermin beneath the dead skin. Your original body will die within a day unless it’s cared for by somebody. Then again, if it dies, who cares. You’re practically immortal, now.

Transposition (5) allows you to move yourself and all the objects and creatures within a hundred paces with you into another realm. This is how an entire castle can be moved to a different realm. The transition takes a few moments so anybody at the edge of the area of effect must save vs. spells if they want to avoid the transposition.

Tree jump (2) allows you to step into any tree and out of any other tree within 100ft, up to ten times in ten minutes.

True Words (2) allows you to look into the eyes of people and read their feelings, see their imaginations, and hear their thoughts unless they save vs. spells. These secrets are revealed to you across all language barriers. In order to learn something specific, the target must also think about it. How you make them do it is up to you. The target will know that you are there inside their head.

Unbound (5) frees you from the world’s shackles. No barrier can hold you, nothing can touch you; you can move through your current realm by a thought alone. This means that you still need to know the way in order to get to your destination, but if you don’t are about the destination, you are truly free. Not even gravity can touch you. Sadly, the passage of time remains unaffected.

Vanishing (4) creates a link between you and your current location. With a simple thought you may instantly teleport yourself and anything you are carrying back to this location. This link remains until triggered or until replaced by another such link. It doesn’t matter where you are in the nine realms: this link brings you back. For the purposes of this spell, assume that you can carry another person, maybe two if they are as small as a child, like halflings or dwarves.

Visiting the afterlife (2) enchants the sleep of a person touched such that they can visit their heart’s desire in the afterlife – a deceased loved one, for example. Their soul spends two hours in this realm, be it Asgard or Hel while their body is caught in a magical slumber from which nothing can wake them. Unwilling targets get a save vs. spells before succumbing.

Voice of the master (4) dominates a creature to serve you. You need to speak a language it understands for it to obey specific commands. If you don’t, you are limited to whatever you can convey without words. The spell lasts for 10min.

Voice of the ruler (1) convinces a person that that hears you that you are to be obeyed unless they save vs. spells. This servitude continues as long as you want. Victims are granted a new save every week and whenever they are forced to do anything that they really hate to do.

Wait (4) allows you and up to twenty companions to enter a special trance that removes your bodies from the time stream. Your minds still observe the spot where you entered the trance, but nothing can affect you unless you want to return into the world. No time passes for you, but you can spend centuries outside the time stream.

Wall of fire (4) creates a stationary wall of fire 300ft wide, 30ft high and 10ft deep. This is enough for a circle with 50ft radius. No animal will cross it and any other creature doing so takes 2d8 points of fire damage. This wall lasts for 20min or until dismissed.

Warp Flesh (4) slashes at the barriers of the realms and allows these vortexes of madness and mutation into the world, transforming flesh and bone: Anybody within 60ft must save vs. death or undergo terrible mutations: roll a d12 and replace arms with tentacles (1) or claws (2), unable to hold anything but doing 1d6 damage; replace legs with tentacles (3) or flippers (4), allowing you to swim but not to walk; replace lower half with the body of a giant spider (5), allowing you to climb but giving you AC 6; rip the skin of your face (6), reducing you to 1hp but allowing you to see all things invisible and hidden; transforming you into a slow-moving ooze (7) with AC 9 but allowing you to seep through the tiniest cracks; grow long spines 1m long from your body (8), unable to run or hold anything but anybody attacking you with a one-handed melee weapon is takes automatic 1d6 damage; split into two opposed clones (9); your eyes melt and your blood thirst surges (10), attack random people nearby at -4; a necroworm infestation increases your hit-points by 4d6 (11) but when the spell ends and the worms die, suffer 4d6 damage; sucked into the void (12) and spewed back out when the spell ends. The spells ends after half an hour but the voices in your head don’t stop for a few days.

Warp Gate (5) opens a gate into the space between the realms and the madness of the void coagulates into demons of the most terrible kind (HD 8+1 AC 5 1d4/1d4/1d6/1d6/1d8 F16 MV 18 ML 11; flying; only harmed by magic or magic weapons). You can keep the gate open for as long as you want. Every ten minutes, another demon steps through. These demons want to destroy and kill, and as long as you can offer that, they’ll follow your command. When you stop, however, the demons don’t disappear.

Warp Mind (3) tears at the barriers between the realms and these vibrations and the glimpses of the void are so terrible that they shatter the minds of many: anybody within 60ft must save vs. death or go stark raving mad for half an hour. Victims attack random targets!

Water breathing (3) allows one target to breathe underwater for one day. While breathing underwater, you can speak the languages of all marine creatures.

Water walking (1) enables a target to walk on liquids for 20min. Usually, this means water, but it might also be lava or quicksand. This spell does not protect against the heat or noxious fumes.

Water way (3) allows you to redirect a flow of water 5ft wide within 300ft. It will even flow through the air for as long as you concentrate. Anybody can swim through the air in the floating water. Even small canoes and the like can travel along these redirected water ways.

Wave (1) moves a body water such that a wave 10ft high forms and moves in any direction you want. If you can, you may surf on it. If the wave crashes into land, it deals 2d6 damage to anybody within 20ft. The wave keeps moving as fast as a human can run for as long as you concentrate.

Web (3) allows you to fill a 10ft cube with sticky spider webs. You need surfaces to anchor the web. Anybody caught in the web is automatically immobilised. Without outside help, it’s practically impossible to free oneself from the web. A slow death awaits anybody caught. The web doesn’t burn very quickly: to free a passage filled with these webs using fire takes 10min per 10ft. Anybody caught in a burning web takes 2d8 damage as they free themselves. Anybody caught in a web with a torch automatically sets it on fire and is thus automatically free after 10min.

Wellness (4) turns a hall into a lush paradise according to your wishes: palm trees on a sandy beach or high trees around a dark pool of cold water, or hot springs amidst snow: whatever weather, plants and water will allow without actually building anything. This spell must be renewed once a week or this oasis loses its magic and fall apart within a month.

Werewolf (3) turns you into a werewolf: immune to normal weapons. You can fall from incredible heights without taking damage. Fire and ice won’t harm you. Only silver or magic weapons can hurt you – or spells. Additionally, your natural AC goes down to 5 if it isn’t better, and you can bite for 1d10, if you want.

Whirlwind (4) transform you into a little whirlwind, destroying wooden structures and dealing 2d6 to anybody in melee with you. Any enemy taking damage must save vs. death or be flung back for a few yards.

Wind barrier (3) prevents any flying thing from reaching you for 20min. Arrows, sling stones, rocks flung by giants, projectiles shot by siege weapons, all are deflected.

Wings of god (3) allows a target to fly for 2h. Their movement rate is half that of a person running (MV 6).

Wolf howl (2) is a supernatural howl that alerts all the wolves within a mile or two. These wolves understand the short message you have sent and act upon it, if they can. In forests, mountains, ruins, savannas, or swamps 3d6 wolves appear in 10min and stay for up to an hour, if you want (HD 2+1 AC 7 1d6 F1 MV 18).

Wolf pack (3) turns you and your pack (up to twenty people) into ordinary wolves: HD 2+1 AC 7 1d6 F1 MV 18. The wolf’s hp may not exceed the target’s current hp. All targets can turn back to their true form whenever they want, or when they are reduced to 0hp. Any hp lost as a wolf remain lost when returning to their true form.

Wolf tongue (1) allows you to talk to all sorts of wolves, dogs and hyenas for an hour.

World walk (5) gives the music you play a special power: as you walk and play, you can move yourself and anybody visible whom you want to take along to a similar situation elsewhere. Surely somewhere in the nine realms a similar situation is unfolding: describe a simple change to the environment using your music, weaken the barriers between the worlds and start walking. Thus, if you’re surprised by an enemy army as you’re crossing a river, you could be transported to Vanaheim, into a different ambush but on dry ground, or still standing in a river but no longer under attack.

Worm summoning (2) grants you ability to summon a giant worm in 10min (30ft long, HD 6 AC 3 1d8 F3 MV 60 ML 9 XP 600; swallows victims on an attack roll of 19 or 20, swim through earth). The worm stays for 2h and can travel up to 20 miles in flat terrain; it carries up to five people. It can also dig a tunnel 2 miles long using it’s Earth Blood magic, but the tunnel closes again after a bit such that only 10 people may safely follow it below ground.