Action Points

During combat and other periods of beat-for-beat action, events are broken into rounds. Everyone gets one turn per round, and every round lasts about three seconds. In these moments, players can expend as many Action Points as their score in Dexterity, with a minimum of 3. Distances are measured in space, which are equal to 15 feet.

The cost of an action is generally measured by its complication. A simple, one-step action would require 1 Action Point. Unlocking a door is a simple, one-step action, and would cost 1 Action Point. Opening a door is also be a simple, one-step action and would also cost 1 Action Point. Doing both would require 2 Action Points.

While not exhaustive, here is a list of common actions and their costs:
Move one space 1
Pick up/draw a small object 1
Draw or arm a weapon 1
Open a door 1
Unlock and open door 2
Turn on a simple machine 2
Start a car 2
Move 15 ft. up/down stairs 2
Lift a heavy object 3
Reload a weapon 3
Move 15 ft. down a ladder 3
Get up off the floor 3
Operate a complex machine 4
Move 15 ft. up a ladder 5

If a player wants to perform an action that requires more Action Points than they have left in their turn, the action carries over to their next turn. So, a player with 2 Action Points left trying to load a gun (3 Action Points) would spend 2 points to start the action at the end of the current turn and 1 point to complete it at in their next turn.

To see the Action Points required for various weapons, see Weapons.

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