Carry Weight

Carrying objects is a balance of physical strength and weight distribution. Every object fills a certain number of Item Slots. The number of Item Slots a character has is Strength + Dexterity + 5. These “slots” represent anything the player may use to carry something, such as hands, fingers, shoulders, necks, heads, pants pockets, etc. Once they exceed this amount, their Dexterity is reduced to half (round up). If a character fills double their carry slots or more, they cannot move and their Dexterity is reduced to 0.

If multiple characters share a burden, the item’s weight is distributed evenly between them.

The number of slots an object occupies is based on its weight, size, and shape. There’s no hard-set rule, but generally this is determined by how many arms the objects requires to hold and operate.

Certain items, such as backpacks or handbags, can grant players additional Item Slots. Using a combination of these carrying aids, players may carry up to twice their normal Item Slots before penalties accrue.

Holster 2
Fanny Pack 2
Handbag 3
Utility Belt 3
Backpack 4
Duffle Bag 4

GMs should be the arbiters of common sense. A sniper rifle won’t fit into a backpack, and though you could fit a toddler into a handbag you really shouldn’t, you terrible person.

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