Generally speaking, this game isn’t kind to sinners. However, there is something to help balance the playing field, and that is the ability to cheat (because that’s what sinners do). Think of the sinful path as playing the game on Hard Mode. Things are tough, but sinful players do get a few things that the goodie-two-shoes don’t.

Whenever a player receives a new point to the left of 0 on the Karma Meter, they add the sum of their current total Sin Points together. This total comprises the player’s Cheat Points.

Example: Julie, who has a 0 Karma score, can’t resist her urge to poke small animals with a stick. She earns a Sin Point, and with it a single Cheat Point. Her Cheat Point total is 1.

Then she and a fellow player are attacked by a maniac with buzzsaw hands. Julie flees into the nearest room and locks the door, shutting her fellow player out. This earns her another Sin Point, bring her Sin Point total to 2. Add that to her Cheat Points (1), and she now has a total of 3 Cheat Points.

A fireman appears in the window to save Julie. He asks if there’s anyone else in the building who needs saving, to which she replies no. Wicked, wicked Julie. She gains another Sin Point, for a total of 3. Adding this total to her current number of Cheat Points (3) will result in a total of 6 Cheat Points.

Virtue points will not affect a player’s number of Cheat Points. However, it will reduce the number of Cheat Points the player will get upon their next sin.

Example: Feeling guilty for her sinful ways, Julie decides to head back into the building, putting herself in danger to save the others. This earns her a Virtue Point, bringing her Sin Points down to 2.

While inside, though, she happens to pass a badger, and by gum she can’t help but poke it with a stick. Her Sin Points are raised back to 3, and her Cheat Points are raised to 9 (3+6).

Cheat Points are spent on single-use Cheats. They can be bought at any time. A player need not spend all their Cheat points at once.

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