Damage and Death


Damage is measured in Fate Points. When one is lost, the character has moved a step closer to their ultimate fate. Most Fate Points taken don’t represent true stabs in the gut or cracks to the skull. Rather, these are minor cuts and bruises, but for every point a player loses another grain falls in the hourglass of their life. Their luck is running out.

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The Fate Meter has thirteen boxes. Players check off one box for every Fate Point they lose. The first twelve boxes are separated into three levels: Bashed, Thrashed, and Slashed. The first three boxes in each level represent the minor nicks and jabs that can potentially be healed. When the fourth box in a level is filled, the character has been properly hurt. They can no longer heal beyond this point on the Fate Meter, and they lose points from whichever Attribute(s) the player chooses (1 at Bashed, 2 at Thrashed, and 3 at Slashed). Attributes cannot be lowered below 1. Additionally, they lose a Morale point.

Once the final box has been filled, the character is splattered—executed in grand fashion, terminated with extreme prejudice. They are dead as dead can be. This should be a spectacle of gore. No one in a slasher movie simply keels over and stops breathing. Blood sprays the walls, eyeballs go flying, viscera smear the floor. Whereas the blows leading up to this point have been mere scratches, this time the villain’s weapon lands true, bifurcating victims and sending heads spinning into the air.

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