A scenario is broken in two parts: the Prologue and the Horror. The Prologue takes place in a world of normalcy, where everyone is blissfully ignorant of the evils that lie in store. The Horror is the period when the characters face the main threat of the scenario.

Each character has a starting goal; an objective to be achieved which has at least three major steps. This guides the character during the Prologue. In order to determine what their goal might be, the player must know where they will begin the scenario and will be doing at the start of the Prologue.

Say the players are part of a deck building crew who are out on a job. One player’s goal might be to get an award-winning deck built by the end of the day. This isn’t a single-roll objective. They’ll have to work fast and efficiently, use the right tools, keep the crew on task, and possibly settle disputes. Another character’s goal may be to get through the entire workday without lifting a finger. This could involve hiding, finding excuses to leave the site, pretending to work, or taking credit for other people’s work. Still another player may want to score a date with the hot single dad whose deck is being built. This could require finding out what things he’s into (e.g., “I love playing tennis”), doing various things to impress him (e.g., “You know, I really like take-charge kind of people”), or meeting certain conditions (e.g. “I’d love to go on a date if I could find someone to watch my son.”)

If a goal is completed, the character receives a Morale point. At this point, a character could take on another goal if time permits. GMs should make sure the goals are balanced, so one player isn’t racking up five goals while another is still on their first.

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