Before the fourth box in an injury level is filled, players may regain any Fate Points in that level. The only way to reduce points in a previous level would be to receive professional medical treatment such as in a hospital, or to rest without sustaining new injury for one week. At this time 1 point from the previous injury level will be erased, and additional points can be healed normally. Most scenarios will not last long enough for these options to be exploited.

If an injury level has not been completely filled, there are a few ways to regain Fate Points. One is through natural healing: one Fate Point will be regained per hour that the character goes without new injury. Another is through the use of items such as first aid kits, splints, adrenaline shots, and the like. These must be administered by someone making an Intelligence roll. Finally, characters can exchange two Virtue Points for every one Fate Point they wish to regain.

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