List of Cheats

Here is a list of Cheats and their respective costs (CPs). GMs may forbid any of these that would interfere with the overall scenario.



Adrenaline Boost (2 CP)
Gain 2 to Strength and Dexterity for 5 rounds (or about fifteen seconds).

Auto-Luck (3 CP)
Automatically succeed at a pass/fail Luck roll.

Bodyguard (6 CP)
Persuade someone to be your trusted servant and defender until death.

Bonus Point (1 CP)
Add one extra point to a Target Threshold.

Cheat Death (6 CP)
Avoid being splattered… this time.

Cunning Like a Fox (4 CP)
Automatically succeed at an Intelligence roll.

Deflect Rage (2 CP)
Cause the villain to ignore you and go after someone else.

Devilish Charm (4 CP)
Automatically succeed at an Appeal roll.

Divine Inspiration (5 CP)
Automatically grant another player 2 Morale points.

Double Round (5 CP)
Take a second turn in a combat round, either immediately after the first or later.

Flex Appeal (5 CP)
Receive two additional Item Slots for one hour.

Greased Lightning (3 CP)
Move up to your full Dexterity in spaces while still performing an action for one turn.

Inconspicuous (1 CP)
Blend into the background for a moment to avoid being attacked.

Keen-Eyed/Eared (4 CP)
Automatically succeed at a Perception roll.

Look Innocent (1 CP)
Avoid the consequences of an ill action (non-combat).

Luck of the Devil (4 CP)
Add 4 points to a Luck Roll.

Missed Me! (3 CP)
Ignore one point of damage.

Motivational Speech (2 CP)
Receive an additional 2 dice for the purposes of inspiring someone.

Re-Roll (2 CP)

Reduce Injury Level (6 CP)
If there are no points in the current injury level, recover one point in the previous injury level.

Rescue (5 CP)
A handy PC or NPC will come to your aid, in or out of combat.

Self-Confidence (3 CP)
Automatically gain 1 Morale point.

Skip in Your Step (2 CP)
Move an additional two spaces in a combat turn.

Slippery Eel (4 CP)
Automatically succeed at a Dexterity roll.

Successful (5 CP)
Automatically succeed at any roll.

Sudden Skill (3 CP)
Roll for a single action as if it were one of your Skills.

Surge of Strength (4 CP)
Automatically succeed at a Strength roll.

Surprise Attack (3 CP)
Negate an enemy’s Dexterity for one attack.

Tame the Beast (6 CP)
Somehow charm, cow, or otherwise prevent the villain from attacking you this encounter (negated if you attack the villain).

You Lucky Bastard (5 CP)
Automatically gain a 10 in a luck roll.

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