In key situations, the GM will call for a Luck Roll, which is also made using a ten-sided die. Results of 1-5 are unlucky, results of 6-10 are lucky. This may determine, for instance, whether a character makes it safely across a rickety bridge, or manages to stay on a swaying ladder. Points on the Karma Meter will either raise or lower the result of a player’s roll on a point-for-point basis.

Major events like foot chases, car chases, and escape attempts may call for a Luck Roll at the GM’s discretion (though GM’s should be warned against using them so frequently that they become annoying). Events will play out for the characters based on their roll, with scores of 1-5 being increasingly less awful and 6-10 being increasingly beneficial.

Example: Julie is running through the woods trying to escape a crazed killer, and makes a Luck roll.

1she runs face-first into a tree and goes temporarily blind
2her foot gets stuck in the mud
3she falls and twists her ankle (-1 Dex)
4a startled owl alerts the killer to her position
5she slips and fall and requires a round to get up
6the killer goes after another character
7she finds a convenient hiding place
8she finds a handy weapon
9the killer trips and falls down a hill
10the killer is attacked by a bear

The luck effect need not be immediate if the GM wants to keep the player in suspense, though it should take place within a reasonably short period.

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