Some weapons, such as baseball bats, lead pipes, and thrown rocks, inflict blunt force trauma (BFT). Others like knives, broken bottles, and bullets, penetrate their targets (PEN). Enemies may be immune to certain types of weapon strikes. For example, stabbing a mummy in the gut won’t do much to deter it, but clubbing it with a bat could knock it off its feet.

Weapon Bonuses are the amount added to the Attribute roll when attacking.

Melee Weapons (Partial List)

Fist/Foot (brawl)Strength BFT 0
Fist/Foot (Martial Art)Dexterity BFT 0
Brass Knuckles Strength BFT 1
Knife Strength PEN 2
Lead Pipe Strength BFT 2
Broken Bottle Strength PEN 2
Baseball Bat Strength BFT 3
Machete Strength PEN 3
Sword Dexterity PEN 4
Chainsaw Strength PEN 5

Ranged Weapons (Partial List)

When finding the median of two Attributes, round up. Ranged weapons lose their effectiveness and accuracy at longer distances. Each is given a Distance rating. For every multiple of this rating, the Target Number is raised by 2. Once it passes 9, the attack is not possible.

Rock (thrown)(ST+PE) ÷ 2BFT 040’
Slingshot (ST+PE) ÷ 2BFT 150’
Knife (thrown)(ST+PE) ÷ 2PEN 230’
Bow and Arrow (ST+PE) ÷ 2PEN 3150’
Pistol Perception PEN 3300’
Harpoon Gun Perception PEN 4300’
Shotgun Perception PEN 5150’
Rifle Perception PEN 5500’

Other Damage Effects

Certain damage is based on an effect rather than Strength or Dexterity, such as falling from a great height or being struck with fire. In these instances, the effecting element (fire, explosive blast) becomes in essence the new “attacker.” A roll is made against the target as with all other attacks.

Fall from 10 feet 5
Fall from 20 feet 6
Fall from 30 feet 7
Fall from 40 feet 8
Grenade (151-250 feet)9
Grenade (within 150 feet)9 w/ 3 Damage Bonus
Hit by Car (10mph)6
Hit by car (20mph)8
Hit by Car (30mph)9 w/ 2 Damage Bonus
Hit by Car (40mph)9 w/ 5 Damage Bonus

Additionally, certain attacks may have lingering effects. Things like drowning or being suffocated would persist until the player is able to get air, while being exposed to fire would require a Luck Roll by the defender to determine whether continue to be burned. If they fail their Luck roll, additional damage is suffered for as many points below 6 they rolled on their Luck. There is no dodging these effects.

Suffocation 2
Poison 2
Burning (Partial)3
Burning (Full Body)4

If suffocating or drowning, a person can hold their breath without ill effect for 3 rounds + their Strength.

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