Quick Rules

Skills increase an Attribute by 2

Item slots: Str + Dex + 5

Combat Round = move full Dex; move half Dex and perform simple action; or remain stationary and perform advanced action

2 Virtue Points to buy 1 Attribute Point

Each new Sin point increases a character’s Appeal by 1

Karma points modify roll difficulties on a point-for-point basis

Karma points modify the results of a Luck roll on a point-for-point basis

Fulfill an addiction = 1 Sin Point

Overcome an addiction = 1 Virtue Point

Fail to fulfill an addiction = -1 Attribute Point

Fulfilling/Overcoming an addiction is the same as a Luck roll

Morale increases or lowers roll difficulties on a point-for-point basis

Filling a Fate level lowers Morale

3 successive successes/failure raise/lower Morale. Morale cannot go below 3/-3

Inspiring a character (Appeal) grants an extra Morale point for 2 minutes.

DAMAGE Attribute losses per Fate Level: 1 at Bashed, 2 at Thrashed, and 3 at Slashed

Heal 1 Fate Point per hour without new injury

Heal 1 Fate Point by spending 2 Virtue Points

Roll Dexterity for initiative; proceed in order of success (descending)

Combat Order:
Defender rolls Dex to establish Target Number; Attacker rolls; amount of success is divided by 2 rounded up to determine damage (any bonus points awarded from weapon over 9 are added to Damage)

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