Session 1

A Halfling Rogue, a Goliath Barbarian and a Lizardfolk Cleric disembarked the Lady Luck, the last merchant ship entering Skallheim before the route was blocked due to extreme weather. Having disembarked, they were approached by a Forest Gnome Monk who asked for their help with an undead blight in the gnomes’ forest. After a brief discussion, they decided to enter the port town of Skallheim. Upon approaching the gates, the party was informed by two guards that no weapons were allowed in the city. The bigger of the two guards insisted on a bet to allow the party to keep a weapon if they won, or give up all weapons and pay 8gp each if they lost. Luckily for the party, they won the coin toss and kept one weapon each.

Having entered Skallheim, the party found the White Wolf Inn where they ran into the innkeeper, Bram Torssteinson; a drunkard in a bloody apron who turned out to be Ivar the Butcher and an old man who they discovered to be Sigurd Sigurdsson. Sigurd Sigurdsson told the party about the legendary warrior Sigurd Giantsbane. He also told them that people claimed that Sigurd Giantsbane’s crypt had been opened due to a landslide but everybody that had gone in search of the crypt either returned empty handed, or didn’t return at all.

The party spent the night at the White Wolf Inn. In the morning, on their way out of town, the came across the public hanging of two men for theft. Whilst watching the execution, a pickpocket tried to pick the pocket of the Lizardfolk Cleric, but was caught. The would-be thief pleaded their innocence and explained how they were trying to knock a bug off the lizardfolk’s bag. The halfling rogue recognised this pickpocket as a member of his organisation and vouched for him, giving the guard ample reason to let him go.

The party arrived at the northern gates of Skallheim where they requested the rest of the weapons. Whilst waiting for a guard to return with their items, they went into the Cracked Cup Inn where they encountered a Tiefling bard. The bard joined the party on their trip. They had decided to set off in search of Sigurd Giantsbane’s crypt.

Having collected their equipment, the party set out heading north-east from skallheim to the forest, about three days walk away. Shortly after leaving, some arrows whipped past the party, with one thudding into a tree near the gnome monk’s head. The party readied themselves for combat when… a boy ran up them collected his arrows and apologised profusely for his bad aim. The party then headed on. The rest of the first day and the second day passed without incident. The third day saw the party foil an ambush by four men. Two were felled by the halfling rogue with a arrow and a slit throat. The remaining two men were put to sleep by the bard’s lullaby. When they came round, they were let go in return for owing a favour to the bard.

The party carried on and came across what turned out to be Sigurd Giantsbane's Crypt. They entered and saw a statue of Sigurd and a tapestry of Sigurd fighting a giant. The moved into the next room where they found 8 bunks carved into the wall with skeletons in them. The next room had three tapestries, a door and a statue of a blacksmith. a shrine to the smith-face of The Maker. The gnome monk thought he heard footsteps ahead. The party readied themselves and the gnome monk attempted to open the door, which was trapped. A needle coated with a powerful sedative sprung out of the door handle and the gnome monk was rendered unconscious. The party attempted to use the water in the shrine to awaken the gnome monk, which worked.

The halfling rogue then opened the door using a wrap and took the vial of sedative. In the next room they party heard footsteps ahead moved up to the archway. The rogue and halfling attempted to sneak out into the room, but the bandits caught sight of the halfling’s ass as it ducked behind the barrels. The party then proceeded to fight the 6 bandits with the lizardfolk cleric setting two bandits on fire and chewing up the third’s arm. The leader was goaded by the bard’s insults to throw away his crossbow and charge in with his mace. The goliath barbarian shook off several hits by the bandits but their leader struck a blow after he charged. The halfling rogue smashed the leader in the head and then the goliath barbarian delivered the KO. After the fight, the leader and one of his men were tied up and interrogated. They showed the party where they had searched and the watched as the party looted their chest.

Whilst in a room with an empty sarcophagus, they all heard the shuffling of feet and scarping of sword on stone. It was as if it was coming through the western wall. The party gave the bandit leader his mace and told him to knock down the wall. After several minutes, the wall showed no signs of coming down, and they heard a knocking on wood sound. The bandit leader, nicknamed by the party Tiny, ran back through the crypt to the room with the three tapestries.

He pulled the southern tapestry to one side and found a concealed door. The party caught up and opened door. In the corridor they noticed an out-of-place floor tile so they rolled a barrel down the corridor, which set off an arrow trap. They carefully stepped over the tile and rounded to corner to come across two skeletons. The party fought these two skeletons, with the goliath barbarian smashing one to pieces, when another two animated behind them. They killed these two, but not before Tiny was seriously wounded, and then moved into the final room with a sarcophagus.

The final room had a sarcophagus which clearly depicted who the party now knew to be Sigurd Giantsbane. They opened the sarcophagus and what was left of Sigurd Giantsbane rose up. He stared at the last man of Tiny’s group who ran off in fright. Sigurd told the party that he did not know what had caused him to come back and he wants to rest in piece. He stated he would not harm the party, but he would defend his crypt. He told the party that there was a magical pull to the north, although he does not the source. He think that is what brought him back.

The party then left the tomb and sealed the entrance up, making a grave marker not far for future reference. They then moved on to the gnomish village to rest and attempt to heal Tiny.