Session 3

Varin, from the Slaughtered Stag, gave Davkas three warrants (possible fake) whereas Ark charmed the guard captain to gain a genuine warrant to get into Torstein Svensson’s house.

Davkas and Roth went to Torstein’s house and used the warrant to gain entry. Whilst in the house, the remainder of the party arrived.

The warrants were compared and were identical.

The study was searched and Ark took a bunch of papers from the desk.

Davkas found a book which turned out to be magically sealed and Fen gave Ark come fancy clothes which he ‘liberated’.

Whilst searching the wine cellar, the party found a trap door. It turned out that the trap door was trapped and Roth was hit by a dart firing from the wall.

The trap door opened up to reveal a ladder approximately 100ft tall.

Davkas informed the guard captain about the trap door and suggested that a watch be posted.

An unhuman scream came from the trap door so it was closed and bolted shut, at which point there was banging from the underside. The creature, after a while, went back down the ladder.

Roth then went to the Slaughtered Stag for a beer (or several). The others went to the Wandering Eel.

Davkas speaks to his contact at the Wandering Eel and finds out about Ivar at the Running Dwarf who can give them guard uniforms. To identify oneself to the Ivar, a coin must be used. The contact gave Davkas one such coin.

They leave Fen with the male prostitute at the Wandering Eel and head to the Running Dwarf to meet Ivar.

Having been shown the coin, Ivar takes them out the back of the inn and shows them the guard uniforms. Enough uniforms for everyone are taken and smuggled in barrels back to the Cracked Cup.

The next day, Tiny and Fen take the barrels to Torstein’s house whilst the remaining members of the party head to the meeting with the Mayor.

The mayor offered the party a mission to investigate Torstein’s death and his activities as it was suspected that the Thieves’ guild was behind Torstein’s death.

Having collected their weapons using the note from the mayor, they moveod to Torstein’s house to meet with Fen and Sven. Once they arrived, they went down the ladder and fought two ghasts which were successfully dispatched.