Downtime after October 19, 2020

Schizo.. through his massage and spa offers to Ulal, which he is not on board station, is accepted by some of his underlings. Your skills in medicine, and Hutt biology, allows you to be somewhat successful. Pola the Hutt a cousin of Ulal, was particularly enchanted, she has said that she knows no one with your skills should end up in an imperial detention center. And suggests she could encourage a contact she has with a few bureaucrat associates to see if they could shift some paper works around…

Tink and Tusk while spending time in the hanger and on the ship and working on the Blitzer, you all see some interesting things. First, there are not a lot of visitors that are not marked with Ulal clan markings.. but the two other ships you see arrive that are free traders are treated oddly. One, a mercenary ship called the Rancor, is told everyone has to stay on the ship except for one representative… when they complain, they are told it would be disrespectful to Ulal if they do not abide by the stations rules… the other ship, a cargo ship, the Star Arc, which you have heard of as a very well known trader, Sim Bolyn. Is told that if they want to deal with Ulal, then everyone on ship must present themselves for inspection. Failure will be seen as disrespecting Ulal.

You get the sense that Ulal and his staff are forcing crews to be off balance or indebted for failure to abide by rules.

During your stay you all are eventually given a meeting with Ulal in his throne room. He has returned only today from a patrol of the system. You have learned that Ulal actually does a lot of travel in space and the role of guardian of the system directly. You also learned that he is a collector of ancient artifacts..

Ulal, says he regrets not having been available upon the crews arrival, but he had more pressing business elsewhere. He regrets also that you had to wait around until he returned but the business he has for you and your skills is not something for others ears or through comms, so easily hacked..

Mara has sent word that you all have certain skills, although still rough around the edges, she felt you could grow through your work for me. I have many tasks that can use subtle actions, more so then my loyal servants are trained to provide. HE MOTIONS to the Klatoon warriors.

So given your skills and a current need that matches up, he proposes a job for you all. Well, actually two interrelated jobs. Picking up a item from a contact and then taking that item to a contact on Nal Hutta. The challenge is that the contact with the item is only trusted a small amount. He has known connections with a rival and is often a double dealer. The second case, the contact on Nal Hutta, is very trusted, a close friend of Ulal, but the delivery cannot be found out by the Empire, or other Hutt clans, particularly his most hated rival. So challenge of subtle sneaky and perception. No trouble, yes?

He explains that you work for him because of the black suns, but you are free agents, so you could disappoint him by not doing this task.

Of course you will have your expenses covered and a small fee will be paid for your time and effort. A total of 8 cred. In addition if you could help with transporting some cargo, ore for processing, to the first meeting location, then he will give you an extra cred.

If though, you decide to disappoint him, there is a alternative. A small matter of transporting an item past some rivals to ensure that a associate on a gas processing station has what they need to continue their service for Ulal. He will give you 3 cred for this simple run past some rival Hutt patrol ships.

Lastly, if you wish for a more daring task you will be able to bring some message of fear to the pirates who are in the space lanes between Vral system and the further outer rim.

It is a task I would grant you 5 creds for, if you get them to move away from my interest.. although I have crews that can drive them off already , and this would be a screw driver for a hammer situation. And prefer to use you as you are made for other things…

He finished and says you have until I finish my evening meal.. so like three hours..

Ulal uses his Klatoon translator, when speaking with you all. Again everyone speaks in very broken Basic, it is not their first or clear language.