Recap August 24, 2020

welcome back after a brief break….

We rejoin the team on Sriluur as they are working on getting into an Imperial Impound Compound in order to strip a ship there of its secret, and illegal, cloaking device. Tink’s friend Slice gave them the info that the device was there. She also has helped with info about the facility, including that they use slave labor there. In preparation the team has scouted with drones and eyes. They have spoken to folks to get the lay of the lands.

In particular getting details about the race wars simmering in the area, and the way the empire has stepped in to create a very fragile and limited buffer. At this point the team seems to have thought of doing an infiltration by stealth or deception.

Schizo realized he may know someone on the inside.

“Bee-nario, one of the lesser Hutts, was looking for a quick and easy weight loss regimen. I whipped up a trillinium crystal fiber solution for him to drink. He lost 2 stone in six days and shared with me that any time you are between gigs you need to be looking for that certain “in”, that extra bit of information or piece of gear which will give you an advantage.”

Bee-nario was asked about any contacts he may have on Sriluur. He was able to suggest contacting Benjamin, a gentleman who used to supply him with slaves in the past. Ben, happened to be on Termen finishing a pick up from the pirates. Schizo was able to find Benjamin and scheduled a meet. Benjamin said he worked on Sriluur at various positions but was currently seeking to supply some labor to the empire as they try to break up the savages from fighting. He tells you a bit about various places, especially about Dnalvec, where he calls home and you knew slice lives. But as you had no details about what you would be doing he had just general info. BUT, when you found out the cloaking device was in imperial facility, with lots of slave labor you reached out. Benjamin was not able to meet face to face but he did tell you that Rendalan Gopli was the slave master there, Benjamin had sold him three hard workers a week back. Tell Rendalan that you and I are colleagues.. plus I know he has a penchant for more exotic intoxicants ..

All that said. You have not been able to reach Rendalan yet. But you did get messenger droid from him. That said Benjamin brings all sorts of resources. Please stop by after hours on the Pilenta day. Please bring some delicious items to drift away, but still allow them to do work. We shall discuss the payment then

Pilenta Day is the last day of work week. In one day.

Schizo gets a sample of his stash together and he and the crew of the Red Nose head to the scrapyard. The plan is to get inside and then see how they can make things work to get the cloaking device.

There were two stormtroopers and they look very bored. We tell them we are to see Rendalan and they let us in. Tusk thinks he may have got the key code from the when the stormtroopers used the key pad to let them in.

They go upstairs and into a conference room like area There are lot people on cushy furniture and at a table are 6 humans. Schizo had seen a picture of Rendalan. He was over at the table. He was very tall and thin and had white blond hair. All of the people at the table are carrying stun batons and Rendalan has a hold out blaster. As they came into the room they noticed the two armored guards that were watching the slaves. They were wearing some type of stormtrooper armor but Tusk could tell it was not as effective as the real thing.

There was gambling going on at the table. Screech and Tusk were both interested in joining the game as soon as they saw what was going on. There was around 1 cred total in small pieces on the table.

Rendalan stands up and says to his friends at the table : “These are the people I told you about!” Bring me what you got, Schizo

Tusk started to case the room. When he looked at the two guard behind them he could tell that they were eyeing him. Tusk also sees that 3 of the folks at the table are not paying attention to the cards but were checking them out.

Schizo hands it over Rendalan who takes a little to test and then hands it over to one of his friends. His friend takes a bigger hit and he likes it even better

How much did you bring with you to sell us? We were going to have a party.

Rendalan and Schizo go over in a corner to talk business. Schizo says let my men have fun at the games Schizo tells Rendalan that we have to go back to the ship. I only brought a sample. Didn’t know you what you wanted.

I need to make sure those folks stay in line. Rendalan points to the slaves.

I will send one of the armored guys back with you to. The crew did not let him on the ship. The armored guard and Tusk wait outside while Schizo, Screech and Tink get the goods

Schizo has 2 creds worth of cybercrank, He put it in small paper box. Rendalan was looking for long term drugs.

When they get back to the office, the slaves have passed out. This time Tusk gets the numbers for the code to open the door - How about them apples As they enter Rendalan welcomes them back. That is when Tusk notices the guards at the door flip switch and the door closes and locks. Tusk gives Tink, Schizo and Screech the signal that they had agreed upon when things are about to get crazy.

Rendalan says You see, my gambling has gone bad tonight so I do not have the money. Schizo thinks for minute and then says Take the stash and see about giving these guys jobs. He points to Screech and Tusk. They both give him a look and then go along with things

Everyone in the room: 2 armored guys 4 at the table Rendalan 10 passed out slaves

Tusk is ready to start shooting but Schizo brings the group together to talk things out.

Screech and Tusk are slaves now. They give gear to Tink and Schizo. But they both had put on the smuggler’s rigging. Tusk had hold out blaster and Screech had a stun baton.

Rendalan would take Tusk and Screech in the morning to get chipped and then they would get to work

Schizo asks for a tour of the scrapyard. Rendalan and his 4 goons take Schizo and Tink around. When they get to the ship with the cloaking device, Schizo says you do not see many of these anymore. It is what our ship is. So, if possible, could we get parts that we need? Tink starts listing items from the ship. Rendalan agrees and after a brief conversation, Tink is allowed on the ship by herself to get the items that they needed.

Rendalan and Schizo walk back to the office. It takes about 15 minutes to make the walk. As they are almost at the office, Tink lets Schizo know she has the device and she is ready to go.

Meanwhile, Screech is trying to talk to the two guards. They grunt a lot but do not talk back. But when they do, they do not say much of anything.

Tusk is on the edge of intimidating one of the guards but backs off when Schizo and folks come back.

Rendalan says Now, lets party. Tink and Schizo head to the ship to unload the cloaking device. Schizo lets Tusk and Screech know that they have it. Tink starts the engines so they ship can take off once Tusk and Screech have escaped.

Screech takes a little cybercrank. Tusk fakes taking some cybercrank.

Tusk whispers to Screech, remember what I taught you guys. Tusk had been giving the crew some military fighting tips. Tusk would attack with imperial martial arts form on one guard while Screech would attack with the stun baton he had hidden.

They did take out of the two armored guards but they both suffer on the teamwork with Tusk taking a gut punch and Screech taking a crack on the jaw. Tusk shakes off the gut punch and readies for Rendalan and his 4 friends who are approaching with stun batons at the ready.

Screech is unarmed and is knocked prone and Tusk is stunned but it only slow him down a little. Tusk stunned two of the three and the third guy dropped his stun baton.

Tusk and Screech took the blaster weapons that were in the room. Then Tusk puts on the armor of one of the guards and they leave Screech posing as a prisoner.

Tusk and Screech needed to convince the three (up from two) stormtroopers that the armored guard was asked to get food and Screech was to help me carry it back. The stormtroopers tell us that there is a food truck across the square, around 100ft or so. Schizo was waiting for them around half way to the ship from the scrapyard with a heavy blaster in case they needed extra firepower as they escaped. Tusk and Screech got to the food truck, walked around the side, then made a run for it. The stormtroopers had lost them in the crowd and were not able to follow.

Tuck and Screech got on the ship and they took off. While Tink piloted, Screech radioed his family’s friends and they made their way to a safehouse port outside the city of Dnalvec. It was a private Black Sun facility. The Empire would not be coming to look for them there.

Heat and Entanglements are coming