Recap October 19, 2020

The Duster is tense, the bounty hunters that had provided some frantic energy and occasional violence are gone. The regulars, all loyal servants of the Black Suns, are focused on the growing conflict in Dvalnic, fearing it may spread to other cities. They also watch, with some trepidation, as the Empire flexes its (very large and growing) muscle on Sriluur. While in theory the Black Suns play numerous sides and partners including, the Hutts and the Empire, there is some sense that perhaps the Empire’s aggression and iron fist on the ground is not what the relationships in the halls of Imperial power in Coruscant. Xizor, had taken over the black suns with aid, rumored, from the Sith. And there are those who do not think that partnership is worth it. The Duster is not a place for such talk though, more grumblings of employees about their bosses. No signs of instability, not real instability…That said your play against the empire, two times now, has gained some nods of approval and a few rounds of drinks, although arming the weequay has some people shaking their heads at what the violence will do to their businesses.

Those who whisper their discontent with the Empires actions, are also quick to share the news from off planet: the Suwanee Pirates took down a star destroyer near Terman station. They told the Empire to clear out of the outer rim or more would follow. They then showed the slaughter of the Imperial elites aboard. One of the onlookers noted, hey those uniforms and markings are the Governor’s guards…

The question floats.. is governor Streeg, who is not on Sriluur, was he on that star destroyer? If so is he dead or a hostage

Tink received a holo-message from Slice. She is obviously hiding somewhere…”Tink. It is to hot here for me. The troopers are everywhere. They keep asking folks about the Red Nose. They found my place and busted in. Luckily, I was already heading out. Stay safe. I am going to Span.

While helping family members with basic ship fueling and restocking, Screech learned that the bounty hunters were all needing to prep to fly off in search of Han Solo.

Screech, you do hear that Behan Deleon who you delivered the datacube to in her residence in Al Campur, who serves as a public face for some of the groups working in the city, has been hosting some parties recently. Her guests have included some Black Suns mid levels who have been disgruntled. Is she making a power play? She has been digging into the Empire and has been quietly vocal about the Black Suns connection with the empire, and the Sith.

Mara Fulan is second in Command at this fortress. Xovat Gurowla (the Faleen) is the Head of this place..

One of the people in the Duster came in and told us we were wanted by the Empire. The showed is a tablet and a bounty on us. We are Wanted-Level 1 from the Empire. 10 cred. We also have1 Heat as a crew.

Factions Suwaneese Pirates Black Suns The Empire – 1 Heat and Wanted-Level 1 - This is above what is normal for Wanted-Level 1 The crew’s reputation is good, because they have been successful in their dealings.

The crew shared the info on the stuff in the warehouse of the Empire with Mara. She understands why the crew wants to be sparse right now. The missing governor leaves Attache Price in charge. Mara would love for the crew to get in and get it out and bring it to us. As for the bounty, she probably can help the crew out with that. I should be able to mess with the Empire’s system.

Also, I have one or two jobs for you if you are interested.

One is to go to Terman Station. You see, Kalna the Hutt, she works for me indirectly. Terman station is dangerous place to be for many folks right now. I want to make sure Kalna leaves the station. The thing is she may not want to leave.

The other one would be out of imperial presence but it is a bit of an odd job. Not your normal drop off milk run. Planet Varl used to be one of the Hutt home worlds. It was destroyed a long time ago. There is an asteroid belt within the system. Ulal the Hutt, is a bit of an old soul. He seek the return of the glory of the Hutts. He patrols the old system looking for people to help him. He wants stuff in out of the system without the Empire or other Hutts. The Death Road, dead end of the galaxy.

Look for the governor at Terman station. The star destroyer destroyed near there and he is missing.

There is no payment for the Ulal the Hutt job. The crew us going to work for him. Varl was the original homeworld of the Hutts, t’landa Til, and possibly the Rybets. According to Hutt legend, it was devastated in a cataclysm that vaporized its atmosphere and obliterated its moons, as well as all other planets in its star system. The planet was located in the Ardos system, in the Hutt Space over-sector. It was the original capital of the Hutt Empire, from the empire’s formation in 25,200 BBY, to the planet’s destruction in 15,000 BBY, where the Hutts relocated to Nal Hutta, as the sector and empire’s new capital. Ulal was a Hutt who, unlike most members of his species, enjoyed spending time in space. Ulal commanded the Potala Um Var, which he used to patrol the space around Varl. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, Ulal had spent around 500 years patrolling the region.

The crew named the speeder truck Blitzen.

They decide to go see Ulal the Hutt. Ulal is a long ways a way. Around 9 and half days to get there. The crew would be in hyperspace the entire time. But would need to stop for fuel from time to time. Other stations along the way to fuel up. The stops do not take a lot of time.

At one of the gas stations the crew received a message from Mara “The bounty hunters have been taken care of. The 10 cred bounty is gone. But. The Empire is still looking for you/

Screech told the others that at the very heart of the system is a gravity well. There are races that go right near it. It is very dangerous and a driver would get a lot of reputation if they win it. It messes with navigation systems so it is a good place to hide from the Empire.

There is something massive going on on Varl. Ulal does not want anyone to know about. Outsiders do not get inside. There is a small planet/large moon on which there is a star port where the crew are supposed to go. Mara gave the crew the right credentials to get into that port.

The crew are greeted by a weequay named Jovak. “I will take you to meet the assistance to Ulal.”

This weequay seems to not be used to speak Common very much. Looking around there are not many humans are here. Jovak leads the crew through the star port. It is completely the opposite of Terman station: clean, efficient, guards are paying attention. They are all wearing Hutt designed military outfits. It is a really nice set up. This one is what Terman station could have been. The crew are led to a lavish throne room. It is very humid as that is the way Hutts like it that way. In the room there is not a Hutt here but a throne for a Hutt. There is a huge port window to see out into space. In front of the throne is a Twi’lek. Jovak introduces us as the Red Nose crew. I am Ledana. And you are?

The crew says hello back. Ledana says that we come highly recommended. Master will be very excited to use you. It is an honor to be a slave to a great master like Ulal. He provides for us. It is not my place to tell you what your jobs will be You must be ready to be off of your ship. And can have some pleasure time while we prepare. We have a great room for you.

Tink stays on the ship. We have not met anyone yet to tell us our first job.

Around the station are images of glorious Hutt victories through history. There is one of Varl before it was destroyed. It was beautiful. Not the husk of a world that it is now.

Tink is in communication with the crew but not constant communication.

Tink realizes that someone is listening in on their channel.

Flashback – The crew have set up code words to let the others know they are being listening in on.

Tusk checks out the station defenses. The station is an organized, well armed, well armored station. The asteroid is well armed as well. There are Imperial level defenses on here.

Doorbell rings and someone walks in. A Klaatu who speaks: “Hi, my name is Clock”. Wearing a heavy blaster pistol and vibroknife on his hip. He is not dressed in military garb though being armed as one. He does not understand why the fourth member of the crew is not with them. He is not happy about this as he knows that Ulal would not be happy with this.

Clock sends guards to retrieve Tink.

She locks the ship.

“You need to come with us.” says Clock over the radio.

Tink responds “I need to get the ship in shape for the job that Ulal will give us.”

They radio back. Clock – tell your person to come here or you will be made to leave. This is highly irregular.

He says he will be back and then he leaves.

The door opens up again and says come with me now. A few people out in the hall. More guards.

Clock takes the three of them to the Red Nose. He says “I am going to have to do this the harder way. I do apologize in advance. This will be more of a challenge for Ulal. He will be saddened by this.

The crew explains that the Black Suns always leave someone on their ship.

Clock responds. That is all fine and well but perhaps when in Huttspace, do as the Hutts do.

Schizo says that the crew is new to this area. We did not mean to offend.

Clocks say that I appreciate your words. You talk pretty. But I have my orders. Cannot go against the orders just because someone is talking pretty.

Tink comes out of the ship. She sees Clock and 4 guards there. A modified R5D4 unit, though more of an R2D@ droid, arrived and projects a hologram of Ulal the Hutt the most muscular hutt they crew has ever seen.

Ulal says why are we in this hanger and not on the rooms.

Clock says should I explain or do you want to? He seems he is givinthe crew a way out.

Schizo says “We are just heading to the room now.

Ulal responds that you disrespect me. Your actions speak louder than your words.

Schizo offers purple stuff “I am a doctor, not a diplomat”. Trying to make up where we left off.

I appreciate the bribe. But I am not like other Hutts so I am not going to take it.

What is the job for the crew? So we can start working on any repairs to our ship.

I need to send a crew to help multiple tasks. We have some goods that need to get past the empire and past other traitorous Hutts.

We are the best at that.

Good to hear. Please enjoy yourselves while we come up with the first load of special items to take to Nal Hutta.

The crew is told to avoid the Empire and the Hutts that would misuse the relics from our homeworld. Will be given all the details as needed.

Mini downtime activity while we wait for job specifics. 1 downtime activity. Jump into the run to Nal Hutta next time.