Recap October 5, 2020

Tusk borrowed the cred from the crew and he paid off the bounty hunter. He now owes the crew instead of the bounty hunter. He will be broke for quite some time. He has been there before.

Screech mentioned a fight pit that may be a place for Tusk to make some extra coin. Tusk is not interested at this time but may be in the future.

There are bounty hunters going after Han Solo. This is an outside possible job for the crew. But it is not out specialty.

Mara wants the crew to spy on a wealthy man in the city. (what was his name?) She knows Maka Leerin is on the planet. Maka is the woman we took drugs and other items to in our first mission given by Kalna the Hutt) See if the crew can find out what he is doing with Maka Leerin, Suwaneese pirates, and the leader is based on this planet. He is not been on the planet for a few months.

Another mission option is to work for the Dnalvec militia. The crew would bring weapons and gear to them. Adaze will give 7 cred upon delivery. In the city of Al Campor, few small imperial stations are around the city. There is a larger one near where the admin HQ is located. One outlaying post has the weapons and is the shipping place to send out to the other outposts. Take the gear into the city where Tink’s friend Slice lives.

Determine the location of the pickup. It is an imperial warehouse in the city. It may have higher security than the other areas. The warehouse is in the lower end. There are security droids and stormtroopers as well as electronic security.

The crew has a small amount of heat in Denalvec after stealing the cloaking device. But the person with the most heat is in slavery now. The empire may be on the lookout for us but we are not a priority.

take the weapon another city 3-4 hours a ways a way

In order to prepare for the job, each member of the crew can do one thing

Tusk and Tink go to the warehouse on edge of the city. Tink wants to figure out the layout of the outpost. Tink will use her droid to check things out so Tusk will stay on lookout while she looks at the warehouse.

Tink sees that the building has no windows. One big door in front and another big door in back. One side door is person sized door. It is a big warehouse at 120ft by 300ft long

There are ventilation ducts on the roof but they are too small or they will need to be cut through with metal melter in order to get inside.

Tusk studies the outside security of the warehouse. He is watching the guard patrol which there are more of making this more of a hard target than they first thought. There are several mounted blasters, 6 or 7 storm troopers outside. More are probably inside. There are keypads and cameras at all the doors. This place has the feel that something very important is being held there.

Mara will let us use the speeder truck we used in the last mission.

It was a A-A5 truck transport. She gave us the option to use for a mere cred for a rental fee or if like to buy it. It would fit on the Red Nose. It would take up a lot of space but it will fit. This was the crew’s hip upgrade. It cost 5 cred. Used 3 from the crew bank and Screech and Schizo each put in 2 cred. It is very functional vehicle but it is an old model.

It has a gun on the top of the speeder truck. The gun is removable and hide-able in the back of the truck.

The crew decides to Hack the system to create an order for us to pick up. The crew would twist the data to make the order outstanding and ask the items to be pulled from inventory as soon as possible.

The crew discussed disguising the speeder truck as an ambulance but decided against it.

The Hack set up the order to get 10 boxes. That would be a good amount for the militia but not too large to create suspicion.

During the Hack Tink spotted forms listing military grade chemical weapons. Just a couple of cases of that would be worth much more than our current job. The crew decided to sell the info to someone or even to multiple entities that the crew felt would like to know such info.

The order would be for standard storm trooper blaster rifles.

More of a cakewalk for us than going to the mines. The warehouse ended up not a easy place to enter but they did. Inside a lot more storm troopers. Really high end security with elite imperial guard storm troopers. The crew spotted warehouse within a warehouse. It had even more security surrounding it. They went to load up the crates. The paper work checks out and the process starts.

As they are loading up, a really nice land speeder, BMW type, arrives. It is similar to the ones we saw at the mines usually owned by the ruling elite. It pulls up and the doors open and the crew sees Maka but she is dressed in paramilitary garb. She is with Attache Price. The crew knows Price is in favor of the weequay in the Houk/weequay conflict.

With the arrival of Price and Maka the crew would probably be here for an half an hour. At least. We overhear from one of the imperial soldiers that she comes to look at her pet project. Not sure if they mean Maka or Price. Maybe both. The elites have to walk by the crew to get the warehouse in the warehouse. Maka’s battle droid has weapon scanning tech.

Schizo and Screech go to hang out in the speeder truck leaving Tink and Tusk to observe things. Schizo and Screech had met Maka and did not want to risk being seen by her. They started to prep the speeder truck. They are more than ready to get out of the area.

Tink and Tusk stay outside. The elites stroll past and Tusk knows that the droid is noticing them. It is looking at us in a bodyguard fashion.

Maka Leerin – connection to the Suwaneese pirates, She has or had a science ship that made and built things for the Suwaneese pirates. She used chemical compounds to make things. Black Suns knew she was working for Col Corra and now it looks like she is working for the empire.

You can squeeze past but there is a possibility could hit her BMW vehicle. Screech will take the chance. Still in controlled position, for now. And he easily makes it past.

The speeder truck is stopped by a whole bunch of storm troopers. The first troopers that the crew me stated that the crew are picking up an order. They have things are handled.

The crew races off back to the Red Nose. They load the speeder onto the ship with no problems. They used the fake papers to back into the other city to deliver the weapons. There is more of an empire presence than before. the area the crew are headed to is almost at the heart of where the fires are located. It is in Slice’s neighborhood near the warehouse the crew acquired the cloaking device.

The crew arrives at a checkpoint and are give 4 storm troopers to escort them to their destination.

The crew plans to “have mechanical problem.” and stop and then hand to hand combat with troopers before moving on to deliver the weapons.

The crew sees scared people in houses looking out windows. The are running battles in the streets between Houk and Weequay.

The crew would make a run for it. Tusk goes to the gun on top of the speeder truck. Screech takes the Helm to make a get-away He pushes it down an alleyway and confused the troopers and leaves them in the dust

Start a clock, its on a 6.

The crew drives directly out of the empire zone of control into the middle of the fighting. There is a big time melee going on.

The crew gets their attention and says they are here to help the resistance against the Houk a thing. Screech is able to pull the speeder truck up right before he hits several weequay. He motions to them to get out of the way and they do.

They travel a but more and then they are into weequay controlled area. They are stopped by patrol. It has a a barricade and they have no where else to go

Who are you here for? Adaze Levic

Got to Atlas Goods importer warehouse. Your contact Draco Labonic. What are you doing in our neighborhood? I am here to help protect your neighborhood.

Schizo offers to give medical care to the weequay. He offers to do whatever the crew can do to help. The weequay says I appreciate that. Your healing arts are needed at an infirmary located near the warehouse you need to go.

They drop Schizo off at the infirmary and then they go to meet with Draco Labonic to drop off the weapons. They still need to get back to Red Nose.

Draco thanks for the crew for doing this difficult job.

The crew is brought 3 bread boxes sized containers of cred. The 7 cred we were promised.

Schizo gets his doctor on and sets up a system for all medical operations. He is seen as a good friend to the Dnalvic militia. He was able to save a good number of people that would have other wise died.

We can always use some help against them. If you could get us into the area you have to go back through. We are now better armed. The crew agrees.

15 troops load into the back of the speeder truck. They are armed and ready to go. Tusk can see the off world military training that they have been given. The crew is immediately picked up by stormtroopers as soon as they entered the area.

Tusk returns fire. The truck takes a hit but Tink is able to Rig a resist. She then fixes things quick and It was not easy but she did it.

The crew makes it back to the Red Nose. This area has a lot of violence and one of Tink’s best friend’s is here. Should the crew go back to get Slice? Tink said that she would not leave the junk yard. She would rather die.

The Red Nose crew returns to the Duster a bit shaken up and a bit raw. But their pockets are heavier and they have a new swagger. They got into and out of a heavily guarded Imperial facility, for a second time. Both times through wits and subterfuge. (And a dash of luck). This could bolster their reputation, but could also raise the crew’s profile among the Empire. And while they now have an ally with the Dnalvec Militia that is countered by the ire of the Houk gangs.

Perhaps more importantly, the Black Suns, mainly Mara, seemed to be impressed when she sets up a meeting to discuss your activities.