Recap September 7, 2020

The group has been hanging out at the Black Suns place. They were able to pick up a fair amount of information.

Schizo. When they realize your doctoring skills in the fortress you get lots of visitors for minor ailments and also a chance to speak with those of you who are properly educated.. through these connections you are able to score all you need to complete the tricorder plus a box full of spare parts..

The tricorder will give you increased effect when doing actual doctoring (not when using doctor for other things).

Tusk. Beyond resting and following Doc Schizo instructions, you make it over to the Duster for stress relief.. you find it relaxing to blow off some steam and while you don’t win big you don’t lose big and have a nice time… you do know some folks now, and know that the Duster is run by and part of Black Suns, and everyone one here is beholden and work for Black Suns, but it has its own underground/outside of Black Sun influence network and market place.. where you can get things and connections, but could piss off your host. The heat you all have from empire is not exactly secret.. you do hear stories about some gang raids imperial impound in dnalvec city, shooting up the joint for a crate of spare parts. Crazy violent folks… or you hear, a group conned their way into the Imperial impound station in dnalvec and beat the shit out of everyone… really screwed up Renaldan, got the slavers, particularly the Gullony collective pissed. Made the empire look like chumps(edited)

Schizo you now have a few contacts no close allies but a number acquaintances and a few bits in your favor bank.. you do know from conversations that the black suns are keeping a tight grip on things here.. they are not happy about the current level of Imperial presence on planet.. and especially have seen up tick in imperial presence and activity since new governor Neween Streeg. has taken over imperial activities in the region along the sisar run and wider area of hutt space. Streeg talks a big game about wiping out pirates and crime lords..

Screech. You and the red nose crew have riled some imperial feathers at a time when the Black Suns do not want to get the empire looking closely at anything. So while you try and do some family ties activities, you get to attend a drinks in main fortress, but attempts to create strength for your branch of the “family” falls on deaf ears.. While working your side hustle, there is of course some swoop races going on. You participate on borrowed swoop and end up winning a cred across a few days of a series of races. While with crews and pilots, you do pick up news. The Suwane Pirates are planning something, they have been recruiting muscle and armaments. Gur( a Sulustan you had raced against on Termen station) told you that folks were getting away from Termen Station because it looked like bad shit was going to happen.

You also hear from a weequay repair crew, that also serves the Dnalvec Militia, that the Imperial Governor Attache to Sriluur, Mia Pryce, has it in for the Weequay and is supporting, secretly the houk , who she believes are more easily controlled. Se believes the hokey wequay religion is blasphemous to the glory of the Sith lords (problematic given that Black Suns have some history with the sith, being tied to the shadow collective of Darth maul during the clone wars but as since been distancing themselves at least as far as you know) . The Black Suns are gathering bounty hunters to send to look for Han Solo, one of the top smugglers in the region. They are supposed to hold a meeting of these bounty hunters this week here. One of the racers is a bounty hunter, Jas Emari, who told you this after she beat you in a race.

The upper fortress is where the more well to do folks spend their time. Richer folks come from the city to relax away from the stress of the big city. If there are illegal things going, they are big time illegal activities.

Learned that Han Solo, a well known smuggler, has a bounty on his head. Tusk is interested see about getting into the meeting to get more information. It will be almost impossible for him to get entrance since he has not bounty hunter background.

SKIZZO RUMORS: Black Suns are keeping a tight grip on things here. They are not happy about the current level of Imperial presence on planet. There have been an uptick in imperial presence and activity since the new governor Neween Streeg came into power. He has taken over imperial activities in the region along the Sisar run and wider area of hutt space ( or was this the Black Suns). Streeg talks a big game about wiping out pirates and crime lords. (was it Black Suns or the Suwanee pirates who worked with Darth Maul during the Clone Wars). The Black Suns let the pirates do what they want to. Suwanese pirates seem to be getting anxious.

The group talks about how might get rid of the new governor, Streeg. He has an attache that is a weequay that folks do not like.

A low stakes job may be a good idea. Perhaps dig up dirt on the governor and compromise his authority The group could recon on his movements get dirt on him and give that to the Black Suns who could black mail him.

repair person, a member of the Dnvalic Militia , a weequay group that wants to push the Empire and the Houk out. They can pay 6 cred.

This would bring more Heat on all of us. Also, we know a Houk who works for Kalna the Hut.

There is a job for the Black Suns. It is a materials run to take some items out to some of their mining facilities. It is drugs to keep the slaves in line. They can pay 3 cred.

The group decides to the Black Suns’ job first and then get the weapon for the militia.

Mara Fulan one of the Black Suns hosts gives them some details about the job. They will take a hover transport to take the drugs to the mines. There should be no heat unless we screw it up. There will be 6 or 7 good sized drug boxes. A version of the spice. This not on the up and up. Your contact is Larin Verde is the contact The group will be paid once they get back.

What authorities would the group get in trouble with? Just the empire would be against this shipment. The group updated their false papers for the hover truck shipment which is also full of spare parts and mechanicals and more equipment for the mine complex.

Mara Fulan provides a map to the mine. It is in the middle of nowhere. The mines are legal but some of the operations that are going on there are illegal. They are doing things way beyond what their papers say they are allowed to do.

This dessert world is not a fun place to be.

There are some buildings underground with a number of small moisture farms. No major population points except the big trade cities.

Tink says that they should hide the stash better between the crates.

Screech is our designated driver

The planet is just variations of red dirt. They travel a flat road with markers every 10th of a mile and not much traffic.

As they get near the mine they realize that somebody has been shadowing them for the past 30 minutes or so.

industrial complex - seems to be 6 or 7 hover trucks are there and two really nice hover devices outside as well.

Tink sent her drone back to scan the ship as it goes by, It would be a quick scan. Tink sees that there are 5 folks in a similar hover truck and they also have crates in the back

As they get closer, they can tell that something is there in the distance. Things look normal but there are more vehicles than normal at the mine entrance.

The group i in a risky position to begin with.

As they arrive everything looks normal. A guy appears and shows they group where to park at the mine complex. Tusk cases the place. He realizes that one of the reasons there are not any fences is that the dessert is its own defense. There are a couple of sentry towers, armed men with blasters keeping an eye on things. We could park between vehicles or park with other vehicles.

We tell them we have a medical person – Schizo’s Welcome Anywhere feature

doesn’t work on him but he does treat a hang nail that the guy has.

Schizzo asks How do we find Larin Verde?

Are you here with the stuff? I will send for Larin.

Tusk notices that the turrets have shifted their gaze towards them.

The hover truck that was behind them arrives. They park right in the middle of the road and three people in gray uniforms jump out. They recognize the as empirical security guards.

A number of guards brings a guy out in chains. The guy says that this Larin Verde. He then waves the empire to park over there. The empire guards nonchalantly walk past us and Larin.

The guy says we are done with him. He skimmed off the top and we are done with him. Tell Mara that.

Tink takes over. For truth - this guy double-dealed you? What exactly do we need to tell Mara.

He will get the special treatment from Mara.

The group was not sure that this was Larin. They take him into their custody and as Tusk takes him back to the hover truck, he interrogates him. Larin says “I told them everything. I was just trying to make extra cash. Do not take me back to Mara. You know what she will do to me.”

The parking attendant comes back still hold his blaster still. “We had look at the shipment, something is wrong it. Are you trying to do the same thing as Larin did?

Flashback. Tink weighed and measured the containers before they left and double checked all the details with Mara.

Tink summons her drone and inserts a communication stick. My drone can relay communications to Mara from here.

“Do not trust your droid.”

I will use our terminal to check with Mara.”

They can hear the crowd roaring inside. Must be the Arena and some type of boxing match or gladiatorial event is going on.

Mara had set 5 boxes instead of the 6 that were ordered.

The group will be taking Larin back and they will be heading back tonight.

Would you like to refuel before you go? Yes.

While refueling, they see a group of really finely dressed people and they are very angry.

They heading over to the nice hover vehicles. Schizzo sets up a tracker on one of the vehicles from the spy gear.

The group leaves before the really nice vehicles. About a mile down the road, the fly past the hover truck. Screech wanted to race them but he was convinced that we did not need anymore heat.

Tusk did not see any Black Sun insignia on the vehicles.

Tusk takes the chained Larin to the hold and chains him to the wall. Tusks stays with him on the trip back to the Black Suns facility. He continues to beg the group to let him go.

Otherwise the trip back is smooth.

Mara comes down to greet us with a group of soldiers.

Tink lets Mara know that the parking attendant may not the best person for that operation It seemed that he was ready to turn on the group from the time we arrived. Mara says “we may send someone out there to check on things.

Tink continues that there were a number of unhappy rich people there. They went back to Al Campor (spelling is probably not correct) and we lost them there.

While they were there a group empirical folks arrived. Tusk said they went to the arena I am guessing.

Mara has been typing on a small keyboard. She generated a hologram and it is an image of one of the rich people that they saw. He is a minor compatriot to captain Alan Da one of the Suwaneese pirates leaders.

The Black Suns want to know more about what he is doing. We need someone to check out his operations, He has a facility similar to this but also has a residency within the city proper. We know that there was a recent arrival of a ship with some you may know. Maka Leeran, the woman from the medical satellite station they took a shipment to from Kalna the Hutt. We know her but not on good terms. You may want to send someone else that is not known to Maka.

We have no loyalty to this woman but she has bacta tank stuff that Schizzo would like to get his hands on.

Mara thanks them for the information and then says pay them please. One of the soldiers gives the group 3 cred.

They head back to the facility for some downtime and to get ready for Dnalvec Militia mission.