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Trade Classifications:

Trade Code: Lo Po This world relies on industrial imports. This is a poor world.

Base Code: CT Bases Classification: Imperial Consulate TAS

PBG Summary: Population Modifier: 4 Planetoid Belts: 2 Gas Giants: 5

Politics Government Form: Corporation Contraband: Weapons, Drugs, Travellers Government Opposition: There’s discontent, but no organised faction

Notable Feature

Liberal – the culture welcomes change and offworld influence. Travellers who bring new and strange ideas will be welcomed. (NB. The Government wants to restrict Traveller movement)


World • Low Gravity • Thin Atmosphere - hardly breathable in the valleys • Mostly a sandy or rocky waste. Some pools of liquid can be found, but not much.

Habitation • A collection of large sealed domes - a Colony that has grown in size • One Big Starport: Astro1 • The Starport links the trade arms of Usmabe-Zamala, Diare-Siccarius, and the independent realm of Maxeria • The Starport takes advantage of several Gas Giants in the system to refine fuel from, and a liquid world.

Government • Attevarium Astro1 Starport Inc

Law • Travellers are confined to the confines of the starport, and are not authorised to enter the residential zones. • However, the starport itself is massive and will cater for most needs of all who pass through it. • Despite the restrictions, Starport “employees” have a reputation for being really friendly to off-worlders.

Opposition • There’s discontent among the employees over various issues such as working conditions, but no organised faction. Trade unions are banned.


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Star System

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