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Trade Classifications: This is a breadbasket world. This world relies on industrial imports.

Bases: Imperial Consulate

PBG Summary: Population Modifier: 2 Planetoid Belts: 2 Gas Giants: 4

Politics Government Form: Military Dictatorship: A previous Charismatic Dictator has been replaced by a successor Contraband: Weapons, Technology, Computers Government Opposition: No opposition worth considering (whatever there was has been suppressed)

Notable Feature Azaxe Zeta is a small planetoid that orbits close to the Azaxe Mainworld. The composition of Azaxe Zeta is such that it reflects a candescent range of colours that can be seen from the Mainworld. ARC insist that all tourists that come to see it, do so from the Mainworld. This is a propaganda activity for ARC to show te outside universe how life has improved under their control. It is forbidden for any spacecraft to approach Azaxe Zeta


World A borderline low gravity world improbable-looking rock formations, thin and spindly life forms and flying as a common form of locomotion Tainted atmosphere: mainly oxygen containing pollutants A third of the world is covered by liquid in large seas and oceans The higher concentration of CO2 has led to an unexpected agricultural bonanza This new successful status as a bread-basket is a policy that ARC claim as their own

Habitation One Big City, open to the tainted air. One quarter, the former site of Culetan Corp’s factory, is a derelict, burnt out ruin. The ARC has begun the construction of a massive dome to encase the entire city, except the former factory

Government Azaxe is governed by the Azaxe Revolutionary Council (ARC)

Law ARC Police have a reputation for ruthless action against crime. Crime, however, includes attempting to import anything technological that could threaten ARC’s control Any attempt at opposition or illegal activity is treated as subversion by ARC


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