Azaxe Revolutionary Council (ARC)

A big business corporation, Culetan Corp effectively ran the Azaxe system. It was responsible for much of the pollution that plagues the world. Eventually, Culetan Corp folded, leading to civil disorder and the collapse of government.Control was restored by Commander Draskovitz and his Azaxe Revolutionary Council (ARC) His populist policies, and the stability his regime brought, won the people over.

However, Draskovitz was presumed killed when the wreckage of his Personal Cutter was found on the moon of Azaxe Eta. After the accident, Colonel Leonardas assumed control of the Azaxe Revolutionary Council. Though without the charisma of Draskovitz, Commander Leonardas has vowed to continue ARC’s popular policies.

The Imperium is still happy to trade with Azaxe, especially since the Mainworld is a source of much-needed food supplies. The nearby Republic of Maxeria also relies on valuable food imports, and has sought to maintain good relations.

ARC Police have a reputation for ruthless action against crime. Crime, however, includes attempting to import anything technological that could threaten ARC’s control. Any attempt at opposition or illegal activity is treated as subversion by ARC.

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