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Trade Classifications: Low Population This world relies on industrial imports. This is a poor world.

Bases: Imperial Consulate Research Lab

Gas Giants: Yes

Notable Feature: Bemaat is the home planet of the fierce Tutturan lizard



The Starport was originally built and run on contract by Tukera Starlines, who have taken advantage of its advantageous location - being where the Siccarius-Attvarium, and Labveri-Lalala trade routes meet and cross each other. Profiting from shipping plying both routes, the Starport has been upgraded to a substantial trade hub.

The Mainworld

The settlement on Bemaat itself, however is a series of small mining colonies, clustered together by the “sea” in the Northern Hemisphere, and loosely governed by a central authority, the Mining Colonies of Bemaat (MCB). The colonists mine Bemaat crystal, that is a high-grade stable compound unique to the world, and which will fetch high prices in both the cosmetic and research markets.

The World has slightly lower than average gravity but not too noticeable. The atmosphere is thin and tainted with dust particles. Those who venture outside should wear filter masks. Much of the surface is barren - barely a quarter of the world is covered by tainted liquid “seas”’. However, those seas are deemed by geologists to be responsible for the unique crystals that the mining colony seeks.

There are rumours of tribes of humanoids who live out in the wilderness. It is reported that these tribes can be hostile and will sometimes attempt raids on colonists travelling between settlements, prospector teams, or even some of the outlying mines. Because of this potential danger, restriction on having personal weapons are quite relaxed, though stops short of allowing citizens and Travellers the use of automatic and military-grade weapons.

The wilderness of Bemaat is also the home of the fierce Tutturan lizard


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