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Trade Classification: High Tech Water World

Bases: Navy Base Imperial Consulate TAS

PBG Summary: Population Modifier: 4 Planetoid Belts: 1 Gas Giants: 1

Politics Government Form: Democratic Republic Contraband: Drugs, weapons, psionics

Notable Feature The Great Ice Shark of Maxereis


World • Small Low Gravity world • Thin Atmosphere that dissipates not far above the surface • Virtually, if not all of the world’s surface is covered by ice • In or two places, strange twisted rocks rise above the surface.

Habitation • Three Large Cities, built upon platforms above and below the ice. • The Lowport is based on Maxereis City • The Great Ice Shark is among many other dangers one risks when crossing the ice. • Because of these dangers, travel between cities is normally by aircraft.

Government • The Official Government is Republic with the Ruling Council made up of representatives from each of the 3 cities • Each City is allocated a set of seats on the Council, with Maxereis City having the larger share. • The Maxereis City domination of the Council is one cause of the simmering political tensions on the Mainworld

Law As well as drug and weapon smuggling being prohibited, the Maxereis authorities have a strong line against Psionic threats. The study and practice of Psionics mean instant death - the sentence authorised and carried out immediately by the Police.

Opposition The Official Opposition to the Ruling Party is currently weak and divided. Lack of an effective opposition has given rise to discontent being expressed outside the Political System See: The Revolutionary Front of Maxereis


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