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Trade Classification: This is a breadbasket world. This world relies on industrial imports.

Bases: None

PBG Summary: Population Modifier: 5 Planetoid Belts: 3 Gas Giants: 4

Politics Government Form: No central authority exists; rival governments compete for control. Law Level refers to government controlling starport Contraband: RAI Controlled areas: Weapons, drugs, Travellers normally restricted to starport LN Controlled areas: Weapons, computers, technology

Notable Feature

Cultural Trait: There are many strange and conflicting media channels: RAI sponsored, NL sponsored, and many other independents. Getting accurate information via the media is near impossible.


World Low-gravity world. Improbable-looking rock formations dominate the landscape. Native life-forms are thin and spindly life forms. Oxygen levels are thin, and virtually non-existent at high altitudes Approximately half of the world is covered by liquid in warm seas and large oceans Much of the landmass are scorching deserts Native Life forms exist, especially at sea.

Habitation Divided into 5 major domed settlements, located on the coasts: Though each were self-ruled, they have fallen under the sway of 2 main factions: RAI and NL The Wide Ocean divides the two rival groups. Main Settlement: Rieddige City (RAI Controlled)

Rival Governments

Corporation: Rieddige Agriculture Inc (RAI) • Led by 1st Director: Viorel Cotrius • supported by Maxeria Republic • Controls Rieddige City, its Starport , and 2 other cities

Feudal Warlord: The Nanor Lumna (NL): • led by Warlord Tanya Zorica • Controls 2 cities


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