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Trade Classification: Non Industrial vacuum world This world relies on industrial imports. This is a desert world. Portable Fusion Weapons Jump 5 Reached

Bases: • Imperial Navy Base • Consulate • TAS

PBG Summary: Population Modifier: 4 Planetoid Belts: 1 Gas Giants: 1

Politics Government Form: Democratically Elected Council Contraband: Drugs, weapons, and Psionics Government Opposition: There’s discontent, but no organised faction

Notable Feature The Prime Imperial Navy Base of the Siccarius Subsector Command HQ of [[Vice_Admiral_Julia_Pompeus?]]


World Small Rockball - Hardly any liquid at all, save what may be contained in icecaps.

Habitation • The Population live in a great space-station - Siccarius One - high above the planet. • No-one knows who built it and when. It is said to predate both the Tarquinnian Empire and the The League of Eleven Worlds • Because it’s strategic importance, it serves as the chief Navy Base of the Siccarius Subsector • A large part of the population are engineers and service personnel of the Base.

Government • The day to day affairs of Siccarius One are managed by an elected council. • Final authority, however, lies with the Vice Admiral or her appointed representative. • Normally, she will not exercise this unless she feels a Council motion threatens the security of the Imperial Navy, the base, and the station itself.

Law • While it is not a Police State, the sensitive nature of the Navy Base means that carrying weapons of any sort is severely restricted. • The Station Security are also backed up by Imperial Forces, and if necessary, by the Marines.

Opposition • While there is the usual discontent to be expected, it is expressed and addressed through the Station Council.

Geography • The planet itself is a deserted rockball. There is a small temporary research mission there, but nothing permanent.

Star System • The Main Navy Base is sited around the volcanic world of Siccarius Gamma. There, warship upon warship are stationed in orbit. • The dense asteroid belt helps shield the fleet from hostile sensors. There are not many routes through it safe enough for large vessels. • Unauthorised trespass into the Inner System beyond the belt is strictly prohibited , and will almost certainly lead to a Board & Search. • Because the Small Gas Giant is in the Inner System, Siccarius One relies on Refined Fuel imported from outside the system. • The Imperial Navy maintain their own Research Lab on the volcanic world of Siccarius Gamma. Access is particularly prohibited.

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