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10 years ago, an experimental Deep Space Scout ship, the Star Thunder, was sent out beyond the Imperial Borders, and disappeared. Then only a couple of weeks ago, we received a deputation from the Colonists of Walston reporting that a ship had crash-landed on their very planet and had been abandoned. From what we can tell, this ship is none other than the Star Thunder. What it is doing there, we don’t know. But right now, it’s not welcome, and its very presence on Walston is causing a bit of a diplomatic incident.

What we are asking you to do, is to travel out to Walston, and retrieve the ship. I’m not asking you to find out what has happened to it - just get it off that planet! It may have suffered a systems failure, and we know now there were indeed glitches in its software. So we’ll provide you with some spare parts and an updated operating system to get it flying again.

I personally recommend that you then take the ship to the nearest decent Starport and get it overhauled. But what you do with it afterwards is up to you. It is no longer of value to the Imperial Scout Service, save for its original purpose as a means to explore beyond our borders into potentially hostile space. By all means, feel free to do that. All we ask is that you send back to us reports about what you find out there. We’re not asking you to risk your lives as spies; rather that you become a very detached part of the Scout service.