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Trade Classification: This is a Desert World This world is an industrial centre. This is a High Tech World This is a high population world. This is a poor world (relies on imports)

Bases: TAS

PBG Summary: Population Modifier: 7 Planetoid Belts: 3 Gas Giants: 3

Politics Government Form: Technocracy Contraband: Drugs & Weapons Government Opposition: There’s discontent, but no organised faction

Notable Feature • Planetary Rings: An approaching starship must pass by the spectacular ring system of the Great Gas Giant Usmabe I Delta before reaching the moon that is the Mainworld. • The Usmabe Alpha to Alpha race


World • Low Gravity Moon • Thin Tainted Atmosphere - unusually high proportion of carbon dioxide. • Desert World: Hardly any liquid at all, save what may be contained in icecaps • The world has suffered from industrial pollution on a wide scale

Habitation • 70 Billion inhabitants • A crowded world. A good number of Megacities and city conurbations are spread right across the world. • Most of these will be enclosed and sealed from the thin, tainted, and polluted atmosphere • Such a large Population relies on imports.

Government • Technocracy: Government agencies employ individuals selected for their expertise

Technology: • High Stellar: Black globe generators, synthetic anagathics, Jump 6

Law • High Tech armed and equipped Police Force • Weapons allowed except Military Grade weaponry • Questions over whether the Police are able to maintain control over such a high population world

Opposition • There’s discontent among the masses, but no organised faction or resistance • People rely on strict Government Control to supply their needs - which makes rebellion difficult

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