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Trade Classification: Low Tech, Low Population This world relies on industrial imports.

Bases: None

PBG Summary: Population Modifier: 8 Planetoid Belts: 1 Gas Giants: 5

Politics Government Form: The Usorce Prospecting Corp. Contraband: Weapons, Drugs, Travellers

Notable Feature

Taboo: Psionics are forbidden and cannot be discussed. Travellers who unwittingly mention this topic will be ostracised. The Republic of Maxeria takes a very draconian line when it comes to Psionics.


World: Average gravity world with a very thin N2/O2 atmosphere that settle in the lowlands and depressions and is only breathable there – the pressure drops off so rapidly with altitude that the highest topographic points of the surface may be close to vacuum. More than half of the world is covered by liquid water in seas and large oceans Natural Resources: Ores, Compounds (Mining world)

Habitation An established prospecting colony base, sited in a deep crater where enough N2/O2 gathers to be breathed freely. The atmosphere is too thin on the surface above the crater to breathe without suitable masks.

Government The Usorce Prospecting Corp (UPC). CEO: Preeda Opek. A Trade Union represents the miners and their families. It works with UPC, and supports the current CEO

Law UPC do not employ police or security forces, relying instead on the colonists to police themselves. The perils of mine work encourage the miners to rely on each other, so crime is almost unthinkable. Rarely do disputes lead to violent outcomes, unless both parties are particularly aggrieved.


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Star System

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