June 8, 2018 recap

Echo Delta (E.D.) - android mechanic ace pilot

Vash Te – lashunta solarian starseeker

Matthew – human soldier outlaw

Ben – ysoki technomancer scholar

Absalom Station, AG 317. 6 months after the Scoured Stars Incident.

Just after becoming the first graduating agents from Starfinder Society training since the Scoured Star Incident, E.D., Vash Te, Ben and Matthew were escorted into the society’s Lorespire Complex and introduced to Guidance, the collected intelligence of Starfinder Society represented by a green holographic middle aged woman. The image was standing in the middle of the first room of the complex.

“Greetings,” it says. “I am Guidance. Please use the cheek swabs in the open receptacle to provide a genetic sample for Starfinder Society identification purposes. If desired, you may place your hand on the glowing panel to receive a subdermal implant further marking you as a member of the Society.” They all held out a hand and received the implant. She continued:

“It is our pleasure to officially welcome you into the Starfinder Society. Today is the commencement of your new role as a Starfinder field agent. It is our tradition, at the end of the graduation ceremony, for new graduates to present themselves to the heads of our most prominent factions and complete a task at those leaders’ behest. This allows the leaders of these groups to become familiar with all new Starfinder agents, and it provides a constant supply of agents for handling situations in our holdings on Absalom Station. While these tasks were formerly symbolic, the heavy loss of Starfinder agents in the Scoured Stars necessitates that these missions become something more. Please treat any tasks given with the gravity you would grant any other Starfinder assignment. Each one of their communicators notified them that they had received a message. On each of their screens was information on each of the Starfinder Society factions:

THE ACQUISITIVES Leader Radaszam “The Dealmaker”; Location Nyori Palisades The Acquisitives represent the result of Luwazi Elsebo’s efforts to hold the Society together by hiring mercenaries to fill the role of missing Starfinders. Many mercenaries realized that the Society was a far more lucrative venture—both monetarily and in terms of popularity—than their old line of work. The faction’s current leader, Radaszam, is concerned with maintaining the organization’s public-facing reputation, as well as the reputation and fame of those Starfinders directly serving the Acquisitives’ interests.

THE DATAPHILES Leader Historia-7; Location Lorespire Complex The Dataphiles cherish information above all else, seeing themselves as the guardians of any knowledge obtained by the Starfinder Society. Their leader, Historia-7, promotes a belief in superiority through the acquisition and controlled dispersal of information. While cataloguing and data searching are necessities in this faction, the Dataphiles are known to employ less technologically savvy combat experts to procure information.

THE EXO-GUARDIANS Leader Zigvigix; Location None (Downlow) The Exo-Guardians are made up of Pact Worlds citizens who are concerned for the safety of their home, and who act to ensure that safety. They believe that the best defense is a strong offense, and they work to build up a stockpile of magic and technology to deter external threats. Most of the faction’s operatives were lost in the Scoured Stars. The Exo-Guardians utilize lower-grade installations within the Pact Worlds, having lost their headquarters and many of their operations in the aftermath of the disaster.

THE WAYFINDERS Leader Fitch; Location The Armada (Master of Stars) The Wayfinders are Starfinders who adhere to the Society’s primary mission of exploration. The most transitory of the Society’s membership, the Wayfinders are dedicated to exploring the Vast and maintain few direct ties to the Pact Worlds. Wayfinders specialize in both exploration and first-contact scenarios, thriving on the thrill of the unknown and the monumental task of meeting new species.

The four briefly discussed their options and decided to assist the Wayfinders first. They were shown the way to the Society shuttle that would take them to the Master of the Stars, the Wayfinders’ headquarters. The Wayfinders’ transitory nature precludes them from having a single stationary headquarters on Absalom Station.

Mission #1

The station’s Armada can be seen from the shuttle’s view screen as it takes off, gleaming figures standing out against the emptiness of space. The Master of Stars immediately stands out from the rest, as layers and layers of scaffolding obscure its hull. Tiny lights flicker among the metal beams as distant figures weld plates and heat shields to the ship’s exterior. The shuttle smoothly glides closer until it reaches the starship’s docking bay, slipping through the magic field that keeps the hold pressurized with breathable atmosphere. As the shuttle doors open, a small drone flies in and pops up a holoscreen, displaying a harried-looking ratfolk.

“Finally, fresh meat!” the ysoki exclaims over the screen, sounding pleased. “Name’s Fitch—pleasantries over, time to get to work. I had some trouble earlier with the lights flickering on the ship, and now both the lights and computers have suddenly gone out on E-Deck. No idea what’s causing it, but you work this job long enough and—” Fitch’s attention flicks to something off-screen, and she shouts “Kirkath! The welding torch is not a toy! You wanna go in the toddler’s pen with the other kids?” She snorts dismissively before continuing, “Sorry, some of these little ones would cut off their own heads if I let them. Anyway, it could be some lunkhead screwed up the wiring, but that’s a pretty big system failure for a simple electrical short. I’d prefer to send in some people with combat training to scout it out, just in case someone or something is sabotaging the ship. If it’s nothing, great, get the power back on if you can. If there’s something suspicious, use your comm units to report in to me. I’ll give you the access codes, so— Selicha! If you touch that panel I will staple you to the hull!”

The screen on the drone cuts out, then flashes to display the ship’s schematics and the passwords for the computers on E-Deck.

Using the ship’s schematics the group used the ship’s working lifts and maintenance tunnels to reach E-Deck. There was only a minimal glow of emergency lights as they walked down the final corridor that lead to the main section of E-Deck. The first order of business was to get the power re-routed so they could get the main doors opened so they could figure out the exact problem or problems on E-Deck. Ben with the assistance of E.D. soon had the power on. Ben then checked the current security camera footage but did not see anything. He then looked back on the footage and saw that two small children were hiding on the far end of the first room of the E-Deck. He could not see footage beyond the first room but as soon as he could re-route power to the second room he would be able to see that footage.

They opened the door and began to search for the children. They were attempting to hide in the northwestern corner of the room. Scattered barrels and boxes line the lowered floor of this storage chamber. A thick bulkhead to the port side leads farther onto the deck, while a similar bulkhead to the aft connects to an arterial hallway that runs the length of the deck. They kids were not hiding too well. The group could hear the nervousness in their voices. Vash Te called out to them. “Come out. We are here to help you.” A girl about the age of 8 or so peaked around a barrel. She said “We don’t want to get in trouble but we may already be in trouble.” The boys said “Be quiet, we will get in more trouble” and he starts to cry a little bit. Vash Te says “Come here so we can be sure you are not hurt.” The girl shook her head no. Vash Te replied “What are your names?” The girl responds I am Kieu Lan and my brother’s name is Kieu Si. Our father is Kieu Kein. He works on this ship and brings us here ever since Mom disappeared in the Scoured Stars Incident…and both children begin to cry and they start to come from behind the barrels. Vash Te comes over to them. E.D. gives them a quick look over and neither of them look to be injured. The kids continue to carry on about not wanting to get in trouble with their Dad when one of them mentions that they only wanted to keep their new pet. “Pet?” says Matthew? Ben returns to the access terminal and begins to access more security camera footage. He cannot see into the next room but can see the kids reacting to something just out of the camera’s view. Then the power went out and all of the doors on E-Deck slammed shut. Vash Te and Matthew start to move towards the set of doors on the western wall when Matthew stops short and has Vash Te stop as well. He points upwards and says “Look. A trap has been set using the fire extinguisher set up. This “pet” must be really intelligent in order to set that up.” Si says “We set that up. We were scared that something would happen to our pet. Ben checks out the fire extinguisher set up back at the computer access terminal and temporarily disables them. Si says “We lowered the setting of the heat sensors to 98 degrees, which is close to the temperature of most of the beings on our ship.” The group all look at each other in surprise. Ben mentions these kids are really smart.

They continue to ask the children about their new pet. They do not tell much about it just saying that they do not want it to be hurt. After reassuring the children that they will not hurt their pet and that they only want to find out what caused the power failure the kids seem to calm down some until they realize that the group had call Fitch to tell their Dad to come and get them. The kids began to reach borderline hysterics just as their Dad comes onto E-Deck. They calm down some and then run to him. He hugs them and asks them what is going on. The kids talk a mile a minute about their new pet, the power going out, the door shutting and then the group coming in to save them. Their Dad looks at the group while he hugs his children and says “Thank you. I will handle them now. I see you got the power back on. Any idea how/why it went off?” Matthew and Vash Te reply at the same time that they believe it was the children’s new “pet” that may have done it. E.D. says “Yes but we will not know for sure until we get into the other areas of E-Deck.” He thanks the group again and then leads his children away leaving the group to their task at hand.

Ben goes to check on the computer access terminal near the western door. He re-routes more power to it and soon he has the security cameras working in the second section. He sees:

An area consisting of two adjoining chambers. Four large containment capsules fill the fore room, three of which hold stasis-locked objects, including a tablet, a strange curved sword, and an odd spiral of bioluminescent coral. A crack leaks fluid from the fourth capsule, which displays a foot-wide breach near the bottom. The aft room contains several desks, each hosting a deactivated computer terminal.

Seeing nothing moving Ben opens the doors to the next room. They investigate and find a trail of some kind made from the fluid that has been leaking from the fourth capsule. Ben looks over the security footage again and this time hears a strange clattering noise. He mentions this to the others who listen. It sounds vaguely insect like, something with many insect like legs. They begin follow the tracks with Matthew taking the lead. He follows them down one of the corridors to the south and past the computer terminals and up the wall into one of the vents leaving the vent covering on the floor. E.D. sends her drone into the vent system to see what it can see. It comes out into another room. The room has several large computer terminals and at one of the terminals is a millipede-like creature attempting to access the computer. They report to Fitch to let her know what is going on and to ask if she knows anything about what was in the capsules. She replies that E-Deck was one of the few areas that did not need repairs as the other areas so it had been awhile since anyone had been there. She was not aware of any lifeforms there but if any were found to please get it or them and remove it from the ship. Ben can easily fit into the vent shaft so Matthew gives him a boost and he scurries down the ventilation system. He comes to the opening into the room with the creature and slips in an icy buildup. He slips out of the shaft and onto the floor. The millipede-like creature turns to him and begins chattering at him. He steps back trying not to seem threatening to the creature and waits for the rest of the group to join him. He also tells them about how the area is frozen over. Vash Te senses that the creature is not a threat but is very curious about its new surroundings. The group tries to communicate with it but they have no luck. They ask Fitch for any suggestions and she says “Hmmm, I will contact Historia-7 in Lorespire. She should be able to find a way to communicate with it and probably give it a temporary home. Have you met her yet? She is on the list of faction leaders that you are to meet today.”

“We have not gone by there yet. You were our first stop” Vash Te said.

“Sounds good. Looks like you all are on D-Deck now. I will send you some assistance. “

Ben and E.D. get the power back on in the room while Matthew and Vash Te continue to try to communicate with the alien. The alien is interested in both of them and figures out no harm will come to it. Soon, some of the starship’s men arrive with a floating cargo machine and with some help they loaded the alien onto it and begin to take it out of D-Deck.

As they approach the entrance to the Society Shuttle, Kieu Kein and Fitch approach them. Kein hands them a box and says thank you again for taking care of my children. They take the box and he walks away. Fitch gives each of them a cred-stick with 400 credits on it and thanks them for their diligence. “But now I must get back to work. I look forward to working with you all again. Give Historia-7 my best.”

They entered the shuttle and soon they were back at Absalom Station. Some of the Society maintenance persons were waiting for them to assist them in getting back to Lorespire Complex. They entered and were met by a female android who introduced herself as Historia-7. Thank you for helping our friends at the Master of the Stars. Our new friend will be taken care of. I am sure it is ready for some relaxing with all it has been through. Get some rest now and when you are ready come see me. I am assuming you are also seeking a mission from me. Please be aware that my request requires both discretion and speed. Do not accept it if you feel incapable of working within these parameters.