Recap April 21, 2021

After a break the group decided to assist the Exo-Guardians and their leader Zigvigix a host shirren. The Exo-Guardians currently do not have a headquarters so they were instructed to head to the poor but trendy neighborhood of Downlow to find Zigvigix in the district’s largest art park. They would find him on one of the park benches.

Garbage litters the ground around the district’s largest art park—a cement lot filled with undulating metal sculptures and covered in graffiti of grotesquely adorable creatures. The sounds of music and chatter drift over from the nearby clubs, chronically interrupted by the roar of the local gangsters’ engines. A heavily augmented host shirren is sitting on one of the park benches, eating a simple meal of cold grub-noodles and rice candy. Their antennae perk up at the tremor of approaching footsteps. “Welcome, new Starfinders! And congratulations!” the shirren’s voice telepathically projects. “My speech-name is Zigvigix, but feel free to call me Ziggy, if that would be easier for you. Have some rice candy to celebrate your graduation! Today is your big day!

“When you are ready, I have two assignments I could use assistance with. The first is to help me secure a new headquarters on Absalom Station. I’ve been in talks with our station’s protectors, the Stewards, and they were kind enough to give us ownership of a warehouse here in Downlow for that purpose! The current owners no longer want it because a vicious alien took it over and kills anyone who goes inside. Once the alien is gone and the warehouse cargo has been returned to its owners, we can start installing desks and computers, so please go in and incinerate the creature!

Ziggy handed around a small bag of rice candy for anyone to have several pieces. He waited for those that wanted to grab a piece or two and then he continued.

“My second assignment…” Zigvigix twitches their tooth barbs for a moment and then holds out a credstick. “Please buy the brand-new Strawberry Machine Cake album, Star Sugar Heartlove!!!, which is out today, and give it to Historia-7 when you see her. She is the head of the Dataphiles, so you should meet her today! I wish to do it myself, but I… I have trouble standing for long periods of time. Thank you very much!”

What can you tell us about the warehouse said Vree?

As far as the Stewards have been able to piece together, a two-bit crime lord illegally imported the creature, and the beast promptly ate him.I may be able to get holorecordings of the incident from the station’s security cameras. That may give you an opportunity to learn more about the creature. The beast looks to be a feather stalker, a predator far more unpleasant than its name implies.