Generally, all cyberware from the SWN core rulebook is available at the listed prices on any Tech 4 world.


Kosatka is a Tech 4+ world with a specialisation on cyberware. Due to this, standard cyberware is remarkably cheap (1/10 the ordinary price). In addition there are several items, which are only available there.

Item Cost System Strain Function
Biosculpt/Superficial 2.0000Superficial alterations of the subject’s tissues
Biosculpt/Rebuild 10.0001DNA-level reconstruction of a person’s body
Cyberclaws 5001Heavy-duty implanted blades, relatively obvious
Penetrative Radar 7.5001Can sense nearby objects and perceive through walls
Gravity Anchors 10.0001Allows user to run up walls or along ceilings
Inertial Shunt Nodes 5.0001Disperses full-body kinetic impacts, such as falls
Polymorphic Identity 20.0001Can adopt the DNA/retina/fingerprints of a target
Panic Button Implant 5.0001Emergency one-shot life saving implant
Personal Augmentation 3000Numerous petty physical changes or hygiene augs
Phosphor Tattoos 1000Glowing programmable tattoos
Neural Wiring 1.0000Standard brain-machine interface
Neural Computer 3.0001General purpose computer
Infolink 2.0001Telecommunications package
Drone Control 5.0001Advanced control for bots & drones

Item Descriptions