House Rules

House Rules

Character Generation





Use a single shuffled pack of regular playing cards, with the jokers.

When a combat begins, deal every character a single card, including NPC’s. Groups of cannon-fodder opponents can be treated as mobs of up to six or so figures per card.

Characters receive an additional card per point of Dexterity bonus, and another one per +4 Attack Bonus. [Experts: Lvls 9, 17. Psychics: Lvl 11. Warriors: Lvls 7, 13, 19]

At the start of each round of combat, each player chooses one of their cards to be their initiative. At the end of the round, used cards are collected and every character is dealt a single new card. [I don’t bother to reshuffle used cards back into the deck until its half-used. Except for jokers, which I shuffle back in at the end of each round.]

Initiative is counted down from Aces to Dueces (A,K,Q,J,10-2). Ties are resolved in alphabetical order of the suits (Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades).

However, Face cards and Aces are considered to represent Opportunites the character has the option of seizing, at the cost of having the value “reversed,” putting them at the end of the initiative order (so thhe full initiative progression is A,K,Q,J,10-2,rJ,rQ,rK; for reasons stated below, reversed-Ace isn’t used).

The possible opportunites are:

Jack = Double movement rate for the round, or take a +2 bonus to saving throws and Armor Class

Queen = take a +1 bonus to a skill roll or a +2 bonus to an attack roll

King = Take a bonus action

Ace = take any of the J,Q,K oppurtunities, or skip the round entirely to catch their breath and recover HP equal to 1HD+level.

Jokers cause chaos. When one is played, the player immediately draws another card to use as their initiative (so playing a joker can be a gamble to get a high card). However, the GM gets to mandate some unexpected complication for the character. A weapon jams, they trip over debris, their compad fritzs out, something like that. If their second card is also a joker, then the complication affects the entire battlefield and everyone on it. A stray bullet punctures the hull, sparks flash from a severed power main, a dust devil kicks up sand, etc.



Quick looting!

Need to strip a derelict hull for loot? Here ya go. The salvage team makes a roll, using Tech/Astronautics or Tech/Postech. See which difficulty level they hit:

7: 1% salvage value of the vessel 9: 2% salvage value 11: 4% salvage value 13: 10% salvage value

Base salvage time is 48 hours. If they take 4 days, they get +1 to the roll. Helpers can use the main skills or Tactics. Failure (6 or less) means a complication, like a salvager getting trapped in the wreckage, vacc-suit damaged, unstable ship system explodes, etc.

Space travel