Halt's Junction



Halt’s Junction is a small settlement of about 1000 people built inside an old, pre-war railway station. It is one of the more pleasant towns this far from Shangri-La, it’s residents are, on the whole, very tolerant of robots and even human robot-human relationships. It has become a bustling trade hub and holds a twice-weekly market where one can purchase fine fabrics, spices, cured meats and even the occasional piece of archeotech courtesy of [[R6?]]’s stall of scavenged good.



Halt’s Junction was, apocryphally, founded just after the war by a man named Archie Halt and his family after the train they had repaired ran out of fuel just before the station. They disembarked, took it as a sign and began to build a life for themselves in the station.


Unfortunately, Halt’s Junction was destroyed in the year 2318 by a contingent of [[The_Black_Crusade?]]. The crusade arrived in the early hours of the morning and, seeing the robots among the population, smashed a hole in the exterior wall and slaughtered the inhabitants to a man despite the resistance of the town guard.

Notable Residents

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