Name Gwendolyn Six-String
Class Bard Alignment Lawful Level 1
Current XP 7Required XP 2000Prime Requisite Mod CHA

Ability Scores

Strength 9
Intelligence 9
Wisdom 10
Dexterity 12
Constitution 11
Charisma 16

Saving Throws

Death Wand Paralysis Breath Spell Save Mod


A short, blond and beautiful human woman dressed in great finery. Passionate and kind, she sees to rid the world of evil through beauty and song.


Dagger: +0 to-hit, 1d4 Piercing Damage

Sword: +0 to-hit, 1d8 Slashing Damage

Current HP 3Max HP 3HP Mod ??
Armored AC 5Unarmored AC 9AC Mod ??
Melee Mod 0Missile Mod 0

Attack Value Matrix

AC Hit 9876543210
Attack Roll 10111213141516171819


Initiative Mod 0
Reaction Mod 0


Listen at door 1-in-6
Open stuck door 2-in-6
Find secret door 1-in-6
Find room trap 1-in-6


Overland ??
Exploration 60’
Encounter 20’


Literate YES

Abilities, Skills, Weapons

Anti-Charm: While the bard plays music and sings, allies within 30’ are immune to song-based magical effects and the beguiling powers of sylvan creatures or faeries. Allies already under the effect of such magic may make another saving through with a +4 bonus.

Enchantment: By playing music and singing, the bard can fascinate subjects in a 30’ radius. This ability does not function in combat.


Backpack Lantern with 4 flasks of oil 7 days of Standard Rations 2 Waterskins 4 pints of wine Her Instrument, which doubles as a Holy Symbol

Weapons and Armor

Chainmail Dagger Sword 5 Javelins

Magic Items


Other Notes


Platinum 0
Gold 0
Electrum 0
Silver 0
Copper 0


Treasure ??
Equipment ??
Total ??