Name Theseus Izdrel
Class Thief Alignment neutral Level 1
Current XP 7Required XP 1,200Prime Requisite Mod +10%

Ability Scores

Strength 12 (+0)
Intelligence 10 (+0)
Wisdom 11 (+0)
Dexterity 16 (+2)
Constitution 11 (+0)
Charisma 11 (+0)

Saving Throws

Death Wand Paralysis Breath Spell Save Mod


Theseus was born to a beggar mother and grew up on the streets stealing to get by and has had many run ins with the law.. He is a tall, skinny brown haired man. He grew up wanting to adventure and see beyond the roads and now he finally has the chance.


Current HP 3Max HP 3HP Mod +0
Armored AC 5Unarmored AC 7AC Mod +2
Melee Mod +0Missile Mod +2

Attack Value Matrix

AC Hit 9876543210
Attack Roll 10111213141516171819


Initiative Mod +1
Reaction Mod +0


Listen at door 2-in-6
Open stuck door 2-in-6
Find secret door 1-in-6
Find room trap 1-in-6


Overland 120’
Exploration 120’
Encounter 40’


languagesalignment language, common
Literate read and write

Abilities, Skills, Weapons

Armor(leather armor, no shields), all weapons, back stab, climb sheer surfaces (87%), find or remove traps (10%), hear noise (2 in 6), hide in shadows (10%), move silently (20%), pick locks (15%), pick pockets (20%)


Thieves tools Crowbar Backpack Iron spike (12) Ration(6 days) Large sack Tinder box Torches (6) Waterskin 10’ pole Hand mirror (steel) Rope (50’)

Weapons and Armor

Leather armor (7 ac, 200 coin weight) Short sword (1d6, weight 30) Dagger (1d4, melee/missile, weight 10) Sling (1d4, weight 20)

Magic Items


Other Notes

Max retainer (4), retainer morale (7) Follows the god Dolzus


Platinum ??
Gold 28
Electrum ??
Silver ??
Copper ??


Treasure 28
Equipment 260
Total 288