Name Jericho
Class Illusionist Alignment Law Level 1
Current XP 7Required XP 2272Prime Requisite Mod 10%

Ability Scores

Strength 10
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 10
Dexterity 9
Constitution 14
Charisma 13

Saving Throws

Death Wand Paralysis Breath Spell Save Mod
1314131615+1 vs magic


An older, proper gentleman leans on his walking stick. To protect from the cold, this wizard has a black bowler hat on his round face. A patchwork cloak hangs over his shoulders and backpack, and a long white beard is wrapped around his face like a scarf. From behind his woolly white facial hair, you are sized up by a pair of friendly, trusting eyes.

“Tally ho, friend! Might I interest you in a cup of tea then?”


Current HP 5Max HP 5HP Mod +1
Armored AC 9Unarmored AC 9AC Mod 0
Melee Mod 0Missile Mod 0

Attack Value Matrix

AC Hit 9876543210
Attack Roll 10111213141516171819


Initiative Mod 0
Reaction Mod +1


Listen at door 1-in-6
Open stuck door 2-in-6
Find secret door 1-in-6
Find room trap 1-in-6


Overland 24 miles
Exploration 120’
Encounter 40’


Common, Law, Halfling, Harpy, Hobgoblin
Literate Yes

Abilities, Skills, Weapons


Level 1: Auditory Illusion

Weapons and Armor

Silver dagger
Dagger (red hilt)
Dagger (orange hilt)
Dagger (yellow hilt)
Dagger (green hilt)
Dagger (blue hilt)
Dagger (purple hilt)

Magic Items


Other Notes

Patchwork cloak (Assorted colours. Black velvet lining)
Light grey robes with silver trim
Walking stick
Beard (Very long, wrapped around like a scarf)
Black bowler hat
Long, unwieldy pipe and tobacco

Three retainers


Gold 28
Silver 500

Treasure log
Got 18gp from helping merchants travel to Iasinia.
Got 500sp, found under a flagstone in a room with dead bodies and rats


Treasure 1 moonstone, 1 onyx

Base movement speed reduced by 30 if carrying over 800 coins worth of treasure.