Name Sir Antrim
Class Paladin Alignment Lawful Level 1
Current XP 7Required XP 2750Prime Requisite Mod +5%

Ability Scores

Strength 16
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 10
Dexterity 9
Constitution 11
Charisma 10

Saving Throws

Death Wand Paralysis Breath Spell Save Mod


Antrim is not a young man, exactly, but he is a man who believes in his cause. A fervent devout follower of the god Aldirus, Antrim spent his younger years as a member of the priesthood. While always eager to join the holy military order, the elders felt Antrim lacked some of the necessary qualities. While strong and intelligent, he perhaps lacks the wisdom and force of personality typically seen among the ranks of Paladinhood. Nonetheless, he persevered and eventually won the right to join them. Now he seeks to prove himself truly worthy, and where better than the night-haunted halls of Stonehell…


Current HP 1Max HP 7HP Mod 0
Armored AC 4Unarmored AC 9AC Mod 0
Melee Mod +2Missile Mod 0

Attack Value Matrix

AC Hit 9876543210
Attack Roll 10111213141516171819


Initiative Mod 0
Reaction Mod 0


Listen at door 1-in-6
Open stuck door 4-in-6
Find secret door 1-in-6
Find room trap 1-in-6


Overland 12 mi
Exploration 60’
Encounter 20’


Literate Lawful, Common, Kobold

Abilities, Skills, Weapons

Holy Resistance
Paladins are immune to all disease.
Laying on Hands
Once per day, a paladin can heal 2 hit points per level by laying their hands on wounded characters. Additionally, a paladin of 5th level or higher may cure disease once per week by laying on hands.


Rations,Std (6 days)

Weapons and Armor

Chainmail (Base AC 5)
Shield (-1 AC adjustment)
Sword (+2 to hit, 1d8+2 damage)

Magic Items


Other Notes


Platinum 0
Gold 0
Electrum 0
Silver 0
Copper 0


Treasure 0
Equipment ??
Total ??