Country where the game takes place.

Ruled by the Council of Lords.


Both lawful, neutral and chaotic gods are worshiped in equal measure in civilized lands. Difference is lawful gods are generally revered while chaotic gods are feared and appeased.

Gods described as “god(dess)” are either depicted as male and female interchangeably or they have abstract genderless form.

Name Portfolio Alignment
Rhodus God of the sky, ruler of the gods Chaos
Dion God(dess) of love and beauty Neutrality
Zolon God(dess) of light, music and healing Law
Shaades God of war and strife Chaos
Ezodon God(dess) of hunting and childbirth Neutrality
Aldiras God of wisdom and civilization Law
Gerzes God of agriculture Law
Aglos God of mirth and wine Chaos
Ebados God of the underworld Chaos
Dophylia Goddess of magic an the moon Neutrality
Vozmeria Goddess of smithing and craft Law
Oteon God(dess) of marriage and intrigue Chaos
Dolzus God of strength and adventure Neutrality
Matalus God of travel and commerce Law
Lyrenia Goddess of home and family Law
Kaltus God of victory Neutrality
Afylon God(dess) of nature Neutrality
Pantaron God(dess) of the sea and earthquakes Chaos
Teksalon God(dess) of fortune Chaos

Rasmaros - Patron saint of duty and fidelity. Most commonly associated with Aldiras and Lyrenia.

Cybelian Children - Fertility cult. An offshoot from the worshipers of Ezodon. Mixed with druidic influences and worship of the primal natural spirits. Slightly wilder, more chaotic bend than the main cult of Ezodon.