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> - Leather Scraps / Hide Pieces

Name Yitu’l
Class Druid Alignment Neutral Level 1
Current XP 0Required XP 2000Prime Requisite Mod None

Ability Scores

Strength 7
Intelligence 8
Dexterity 6
Constitution 14
Charisma 11

Saving Throws

Death Wand Paralysis Breath Spell Save Mod

Druids gain a +2 bonus to saving throws against electricity (lightning) and fire.


A crusty old man who feels aches in his knees before any thunderstorm, Yitu’l, likes to spend his evenings communing with the spirits next to an open fire and a good horn of wine. His dress is mostly furs and scraps of cloth stitched together. Bones and other charms decorate his false-hide. He stands taller than average and walks with strangely confident posture. His sandy brown hair ranges from a tangled mess to a fresh chop, and currently, due to a recent bout with lice, it’s freshly chopped. The same goes for his beard. He’s a bit of an introvert and likes to talk to himself. He’s often heard muttering “nothing is true, everything is permitted” before making any decision of any kind.


Current HP 6Max HP 6HP Mod +1
Armored AC 7Unarmored AC 9AC Mod -1
Melee Mod -1Missile Mod -1

Attack Value Matrix

AC Hit 9876543210
Attack Roll 10111213141516171819


Initiative Mod -1
Reaction Mod ??


Listen at door 1-in-6
Open stuck door ?-in-6
Find secret door 1-in-6
Find room trap 0-in-6


Overland ??
Exploration ??
Encounter ??

Exploration = 120’ with no armor, 90’ with leather armor, 60’ with chain/plate armor
Overland = Exploration/5 in miles
Encounter = Exploration/3


Treasure ??

Base movement speed reduced by 30 if carrying over 800 coins worth of treasure.


Common, Alignment
Literate Basic

Abilities, Skills, Weapons

A party with a druid has only a 1-in-6 chance of getting lost in woodlands.

Druids can identify all plants and animals and can discern pure water.

Level 1 Spells: See p4 / p6(pdf) of the Druid / Illusionist Spellbook

Currently Memorized: Detect Danger p6/8(pdf)


Weapons and Armor

Leather Armor, Staff 1d4, Dagger 1d4, Dagger 1d4

Magic Items


Platinum 0
Gold 33
Electrum 0
Silver 0
Copper 0

Other Treasure

Other Notes