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Adventurer's Guild


The Adventurer’s Guild’s primary role is to connect highly skilled individuals (adventurers) with those who have a particular need for those skills via missions. The Guild draws all kinds of adventurers and missions, so it’s not unusual to see an eclectic mix of creatures involved with the Guild.


In addition to coordinating missions, the Adventurer’s Guild offers a variety of perks to its members, although smaller branches may not be able to offer all of them.

Special Item Shop

The Adventurer’s Guild will buy most loot on the spot for the standard price (half the listed price, full price for trade goods). The Guild holds on to loot that would be of special use to adventurers, and offers a rotating stock to adventurers that have recently completed a mission for half the listed price (price of creation). After turning in a completed mission, the Guild will offer the party a handful of magic or unique items for purchase, which will be reserved for them for a week, or until they complete their next mission. These items will always be properly identified, and may include items not on the SRD. The guild usually tries to make sure the items are things the adventurers might be interested in. The items can only be purchased by the most recent participants on a first come first serve basis.

Current Offerings


Some Guild adventurers work as scouts, reconnoitering mission locations before a full party takes the mission. Scouting reports often include enemy numbers and types, maps, and other useful information. Most missions are scouted by default, unless they have no need for scouting, can’t be scouted without engaging the mission itself, or are too urgent to spend time scouting.

It’s possible to take missions that have not yet been scouted. These will pay a little better, since the scouts don’t need to be paid, but there’s no guarantee that the difficulty will be reasonable for the party. Adventurers that take unscouted missions and retreat with information will receive an appropriate scouting fee, although this will be split amongst the entire party

Life Insurance

Adventuring is dangerous work, and even the most cautious of adventurers can meet an unlucky end. Some Guild branches have ties with local clerics. With these branches, adventurers may make a deposit of 5,000 or 10,000 gold to secure the use of a Raise Dead or Resurrection spell. If possible, a Raise Dead spell will be performed. Otherwise, a Resurrection spell will be used, if a sufficient deposit has been made. Adventurers may also leave an additional deposit to issue a mission to recover their body upon death, if necessary.

Qualifying adventurers may also purchase insurance by credit, in which case the Guild will charge 1.5× the standard cost but only upon successful revival.