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Adventurer's Guild Missions

Open Missions

Song of the Black Rose

Mission Status: Under Construction
Primary Objective: Investigate and secure the smuggling ship Black Rose
Description: The Black Rose is a notorious smugglers’ ship that specializes in highly dangerous and lucrative cargo. It drifted near port last night and weighed anchor, but nobody’s left the ship. The harbor-master boarded to investigate, but hasn’t returned. Figure out what happened on the Black Rose and secure the vessel to complete the mission.

Body Recovery: Caryn Proudhill

Mission Status: Under Construction
Primary Objective: Recover Caryn Proudhill's body
Description: Felka Moran has just sent in a Sending that Caryn Proudhill has been slain, and has requested a recovery mission. Raise Dead has a time limit of 9 days. They’re at a tiny fishing village, four days ride of here, and it’ll take another four days to bring the body back to a big enough city. If you can’t recover the body in one day, we can use resurrection, but it’ll cut into your reward. According to the Sending, Caryn was killed fighting trolls. Buy any supplies you need and head out ASAP.
Secondary Objective: Restore Cubclaws to its rightful place.
Description: Proudhill’s church would like to see Cubclaws returned to its rightful place. Whether it wants to stay with Proudhill or return to the church, the church respects Cubclaws’ decisions.

Adventurer’s Guild Catering Service

Mission Status: Under Construction
Primary Objective: Entertain the guests at Edmond Sambridge's birthday party.
Description: The wealthy Sambridge merchant family is holding a birthday party for their youngest son, with many noble children in attendance. They want authentic stage combat for entertainment. This isn’t adventurous, per se, but it pays well for the risk. Simply show up and put a reasonable effort into entertaining the guests to complete the mission.

Vegepygmy Rising

Mission Status: Open
Primary Objective: Investigate and stop the vegepygmy raids
Description: The local elders have long known that vegepygmies inhabit the adjacent forested swamplands. However, the vegepygmies have recently begun attacking travelers and raiding villages. Uncover the cause and put a stop to the attacks.

Completed Missions

The Gear-Bound Rod

Mission Status: Completed
Mission Level: 6

Primary Objective: Retrieve the Gear-Bound Rod from the abandoned tower of the wizard Arcturus.
Reward: 30,000 gold, 12,000 xp per character
Description: About 50 years ago, the wizard Arcturus died traveling, leaving behind his tower residence. His heir entered the tower, but was slain by something inside. The tower was sealed, and has not been entered since. Arcturus was the last known owner of the Gear-Bound Rod. We believe it was still in the tower when he died. Find and retrieve the Gear-Bound Rod to complete the mission.

Secondary Objective: Retrieve Arcturus's research notes.
Reward: Variable
Description: Arcturus was working on a number of avenues of research regarding constructs, all currently sealed away in his tower. The client is willing to pay a bonus depending on how valuable the research is.


Erastil Priestess Escort

Mission Status: Completed

Primary Objective: Escort the priestess of Erastil on her pilgrimage.
Reward: 35,000 Gold, 20 vials of holy water
Description: A priestess of Erastil is going on a pilgrimage to a specific forest shrine. Ensure she arrives at her destination, completes her pilgrimage, and returns safely to complete the mission.


Into the Lycan’s Den

Mission Status: Completed

Primary Objective: Kill Keldren Therell
Reward: 25,000 gold, complimentary treatment for lycanthropy contracted by party members through the course of the mission.
Description: The hill lands have always been known to harbor lycans, but their attacks have recently reached a fearful high in frequency and savagery. The cause is a werebear known as Keldren Therell, who has begun uniting the lycans in the name of the demon lord Jezelda. Eliminate him to complete the mission.