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Afraid of The Dark

Afraid of the Dark

High end luxury stores are being robbed in the Artisan District. Witnesses to the crimes report a magical darkness seeping up from out of the ground, engulfing an area until the thief (or thieves) has departed. The darkness is capable of preventing even those with darkvision from seeing, rendering all but the most perceptive completely blind while within the shroud. However, more troubling is the sense of fatigue and the temporary loss of skill felt by those caught within the darkness. Core aspects of a person’s being fade while within the darkness. Whatever was lost eventually returns, but there is suspicion that whoever is behind these attacks is stealing more than luxury items during their strikes. The potential for them to gain restricted knowledge has brought this case to the attention of RIS.

Orders: Bring the thief to justice. If possible learn the source of their power as well any compromising information they may have come across. Mission is considered to be OPEN, however, as it takes place within Jehim city limits (Your primary area of operations) it is recommended that minimal efforts be taken to conceal identity. Non-RIS personnel (excluding external operatives hired for this mission) are not to be made aware of the power theft aspect of this operation.

Intel: The thief has been attacking in the early morning, usually before 9. They appear to prefer a moderate crowd before making their move, enough people to generate chaos, not enough to block the streets.

The darkness is slow moving, but highly dangerous if you caught within it. Witnesses have suggested that the darkness moves with a degree of intelligence, suggesting that it is highly controlled or has sentience of its own.

Due to the possible power absorption threat it is recommended that any fight be handled as quickly as possible. The longer a fight takes the weaker you will be, possibly lending strength to your foe.

Resources: Standard ammunition, support potions, expendable gear (Up to 250gp/agent)

6 Scrolls of Truesight (5 rounds)

Lesser Minor Shoulder slot/party member

Lesser Minor Belt Slot/party member

300 additional Gold/party member