Do Plants have Ambition? A Druidic Debate

Do Plants Have Ambition? A Druidic Debate

The small town of Tegil has gone silent. This village was little more than a place for travelers to break before passing on to larger towns but was home to a useful RIS message outpost. One early report from one of our scouts suggested that Tegil had been completely overrun by plants. The agent investigating reported seeing two robed figures standing in the middle of the small village and moved to investigate before going silent.

Orders: Your first priority is to discover the fate of our agent who has failed to report back since starting his investigation. Your secondary mission is to recover any information and gear contained within the RIS mission outpost before it can fall into the wrong hands. Once those objectives have been completed you are to investigate the cause of plant activity and disappearance of the villagers. If possible bring any responsible parties to justice. Until our agent is recovered, the message outpost secured and the identity of the party or parties responsible for the plants is known this mission is considered COVERT. We cannot risk revealing our investigation until our agent and property are protected and we know exactly who we are fighting.

Intel: The agent is well trained in concealing her identity. Barring powerful telepathic attacks we may safely assume she will refuse to talk for at least three days. After that there will be additional two days before she starts telling the truth.

The RIS message outpost is concealed as fishing shack near the stream running on the edge of the village. It will appear thoroughly uninteresting and will likely be untouched before your arrival. Even if investigated it is a deceptively sturdy structure with a highly complex lock. Should the door be breached the building will explode after ten seconds unless the phrase “Ziffo cannot stand” is said aloud. DO NOT FORGET. Take anything that can be useful to you or if convenient brought back to the agency. Use your communicator to determine if any information needs to be saved. Destroy everything else.

The village has a population of 57 fulltime residents according to our latest information. They are primarily farmers with a small fishing population and a single combined tavern/general store establishment.

Before going silent our agent reported that there appeared to be sharp divide in the type of plant life infecting the village. Parts of the village appeared to be overrun by a short yet thick pale green moss. Other portions of the village were covered by thick dark green vines that seemed to move slightly when she looked away.

There is a small druid collective living within 1 days ride of the village but this do not have any known motive to take do this.

Resources: High ammunition, support potions, expendable gear (Up to 500gp/agent)

1 +2 Enhancement Weapon/Agent

1 Lesser Minor Neck item/Agent

1 Lesser Medium Hand/3 Agents

1 Greater Minor Feet/Agent

3000 Gold/Agent