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Homebrew Items

Key Items

Arcturus's Notes
Acquired in The Gear-Bound Rod
This red leather-bound book is his research notes. Skimming it, the last thing he was working on was creating a truly intelligent and graceful construct. The metal figure you see in the study was apparently a practice body. Although he was making progress, he didn’t have a good way of controlling an construct that could learn. He sought out the Gnomish ruins of Mizzyfishen for a solution to that problem. The next few pages seemed to have contained more information about the ruins, but have been torn out.

User Manual to Arcturus Towers Guardian Golem: Home Edition
Acquired in The Gear-Bound Rod
Most of the book is too damaged to read. You pick out a couple relevant tidbits.
”…keyphrase by default is ‘Ursa Major’. It is recommended to set this keyphrase to a phrase only you know. Arcturus Towers takes no responsibility…”
”…maintain by application of warmed clay to areas showing signs of wear…”

RIS Communicator
A small device that allows RIS agents to be in constant communication with other agents in the field and, with a slight time delay, the regional RIS HQ (A longer delay allows them to contact Central HQ although this will be ineffective for combat). This allows agents to instantly report what they find and to receive updates on their mission in the field. Allows agents to take 20 on any Knowledge check provided they are able to effectively communicate the question and have time to wait for a response.

Homebrew Items

Black Powder Bomb
A black powder explosion deals 1d6 damage per 20 doses (1 lb). 20 or 40 doses deal this damage in a 5-foot blast radius, increasing by 5 feet every 20 doses afterwards. An simple iron casing can be crafted which deals an addition 1d4 piercing damage per 20 doses. Crafting the iron casing costs 5g and a DC 10 skill check in any metal-working craft skill.