Spam Fighting, No Mail Notifications

House Rules

Selling items
You can auto-sell any item at a sufficiently large market for 50% value. You can also choose to haggle. Roll bluff and sense motive vs. shopkeeper’s sense motive and bluff. Succeeding on both allows you to sell the item for 60% value. Failing both forces you to sell it for 40% value.

In addition, the value of any identified item is known without using the appraise skill.

Skinning animals
DC 15 Survival to skin an animal, a medium creature yields 20 lbs of leather, and 1 lb of leather is a trade good worth 1 gold, subject to DM discretion.

Scrolls and Wand usage
Any creature that can receives spells per day can activate deciphered scrolls or other spell completion item freely.
Any creature can use a wand or other spell trigger item freely.