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Only You Can Prevent Superheroes

Only You Can Prevent Superheroes

The city of Kelfet is most famous for the Equinox Festival and Races that it hosts twice a year. However, the town has been host to a series of killings for the past 9 years. On the third night of the fall festival a family is attacked, each time leaving an orphan behind. The local guards have proven to be incapable of tracking and bringing the killer to justice. The presence of noble families and occasional members of the royal family has brought this case into RIS jurisdiction.

Orders: Find the killer and bring him or her to justice. RIS considers the mission to be OPEN, however, Elyne Kruyt, the Kelfet chief of police has requested discretion. You are expected to make contact with her within one day of your arrival in Kelfet.

Intel: All Year Population: approx 3000, Festival Population: approx 15,000.

Many noble families sponsor racing teams in the hopes of earning personal prestige. Festival goers range from broke farmers to individuals so wealthy they could buy the agency just to fire you.

Guard presence: The Kelfet Guards are run by Elyne Kruyt, an Elf who has led the division for 17 years. Kruyt enforces the law selectively, appearing to be more invested in Kelfet’s reputation than its safety. As long as the city looks nice and nobility at the festival feels safe she considers her job complete. Her second in command is Berasko Hoch, a lumbering half orc who towers over almost all others.

Vigilantes: Over the last 3 years there has been a rising vigilante presence within the city as a protest against the refusal of the police to properly deal with dangerous criminals. It is suspected that this movement is based in the nearby woods and is possibly run by Walchelin Laskine, a former noble who gave up his fortune in the years following the death of his parents in Kelfet.

Vagrants: Small population of vagrants, most cycling in and out with one constant. Selles Venditti, a middle aged human vagrant. Despite the best efforts of Kruyt’s police force Venditti always seems to be a step ahead, often with a small following of fellow homeless individuals. Our informants suggest that if anyone knows the underbelly of Kelfet it is Selles.

RIS maintains a small outpost within Kelfet but it will be unable to directly help other than to provide information and some essentially random equipment they have on hand.

Resources: Standard ammunition, support potions, expendable gear (Up to 250gp/agent)

Boots of Levitation

Eidolon Anchoring Harness

Handy Haversack

Boots of the Cat

Additional 3600gp for party to split as decided.