The Rohia Intelligence Service

To Whom it May Concern:

The Rohia Empire is at a crossroads. It has been a century since the Five Kingdoms were first united under a single ruler. Our prosperity has attracted dangers, yet most of these have been dealt with by the might of our armies, scholars and the brave heroes who rise among our people. The sufficiently talented and motivated may always count on a dragon to be slain or a town in need of protection. However, there are certain threats that our best and bravest simply are not equipped to handle. There are dangers walking among us, unseen and lethal, terrorizing the weak in the night. Not all evil has the decency to be massive reptilian monstrosities.

The regular heroes are not capable of handling these threats. All but the largest of the adventuring guilds lack the required resources to effectively track and hunt some of the most dangerous monsters in our world. Heroes by their very nature find themselves in highly destructive styles of combat, effective in the wild, but too costly in our cities. We are strong, but we risk crumbling from the inside unless we find away to effectively fight back.

I propose that we establish a new organization to combat these evils on our terms. I have included plans for the formation of a group of talented operatives supported by the best minds the Empire has to offer…

-Excerpt from (Redacted)’s proposal Regarding the Formation of The Rohia Intelligence Service 23 years ago.

To be fore warned is to be four armed.

Mission Goals

The Rohia Intelligence Service (RIS) is the organization tasked with the defense of the Empire at all costs. RIS is primarily focused on intelligence gathering and distributing that information to the appropriate government officials. However, there are some jobs that require a more direct intervention from RIS. Towards this goal RIS maintains a group of highly skilled individuals specialized in securing an unknown situation with minimal losses to life and property. These agents are expected to either neutralize a threat or discover the necessary information that would allow another organization to do it for them.

Before a mission begins it is designated open or covert. On open missions agents are permitted and often encouraged to make themselves known to local authorities and to use the power of the law to their advantage. They can openly make arrests and formally request aid from any government organization. Operatives may choose to undertake an open mission covertly and are not officially punished for switching part way through. However, an open mission that is compromised because of an attempt to remain anonymous will be punished severely. On covert operations agents are expected to keep their profession a secret, coming up with cover stories to allow them to function without being detected. Covert operations vary in intensity. Some covert operations will permit limited formal contact with trusted individuals, others will demand death before admitting the nature of their employer.


A vigorous vetting process ensures that only those loyal to the Rohia Empire are able to climb the ranks of the RIS. Agents are helped in their tasks by specially designed earpieces allowing agents in the field to be in constant communication with each other as well as with the nearest RIS HQ. This allows for the transfer of vital knowledge and support on short notice. The RIS may recruit outside help on a case by case basis but rarely does so. Any RIS mission recruiting outside help requires that at least two dedicated agents be sent with the party.

Unlike their freelancing counterparts most RIS agents never attain significant personal wealth. This is balanced by the resources they receive from the RIS armory. Agents will be outfitted with whatever tools are deemed appropriate for the mission at hand or whatever the local RIS branch has available to lend them. RIS agents may not have the same base level of equipment as many others but they have far more flexibility in what they have access to. Non-RIS mission recruits will be given minimal support from the RIS armory and like regular agents are expected to return any borrowed gear. For security reasons non-RIS recruits will not be issued earpieces.

<META> Create Level 5 characters. Use magic Device is considered a class skill for all RIS agents. Their permanent equipment may include one +2 permanent stat boosting item valued at 4000gp. Mwk Simple and martial weapons of choice will be provided. Characters have an additional 2500gp with which to buy items that they will always have. Every mission will include 250gp for expendable equipment such as ammo, health potions, alchemical weapons etc per party member. Each mission will have some degree of equipment provided. Depending on the scenario it will either be randomly rolled for gear that may or may not be useful, a gold total for the party to draw from or instructions to choose an item from a specific category, ie +1 enchanted weapon or Lesser Minor Neck slot.

Characters should be willing to fight and die for the Empire for relatively little pay but other than that they are completely open. The missions you play are the more exciting days for your character, assume that they will be going on less exciting missions in their down time or doing approved freelance work (no treason).


The RIS is based out of a nondescript building located within the capital city of Jehim. Here information from across the Empire is analyzed, recorded and reported to the necessary individuals or organizations. In addition to their own armory the Jehim RIS HQ always has limited access to the Royal Armory, Naval Yard and Air Field. The sheer size of Jehim and the effectiveness these agents offer make RIS agents frequent responders to Jehim criminal elements.


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